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Family & Home 219 views Dec 28, 2019
Things not do when cleaning your wash basin


You will get to read thousands of articles based on how to clean your wash basin. However did anybody tell you what you should never do when cleaning it? Well, if yes, then this article is for you.


The three most important things to maintain the regular shine of your table top basin is to clean them regularly, use sponge while cleaning and drying it with cotton cloth. Nevertheless these three doings cannot save your basin from rusting if you keep following some other negative things. So let’s straight jump into things not to do when cleaning your wash basin.


  • Some table top basin faucets come with a different type of finish named living finish. Gradually it develops a patina. If you use cleaner for them then this living finish comes out with patina which ruins you wash basins beauty.

  • When air basin sinks are regularly washed with sponge and scrub, they get stains from rough scrubs or from those abrasive cleaners too. Before using abrasive cleaner, try them on a hidden area of your air basin for a several time. If it gets scratch, stop using it immediately.

  • Many companies come with life time warranty offers for table top basin. Before believing them, use their basins and know how truthful they are about their products. is a good place of buying the best table top basins. Their wide range of collection and good customer service will leave you amazed. They sell basins worldwide. You can check their unique basins online.

  • Wool pads have iron particles in them. If you are drying your basin with woolen sponge, then they may leave these iron particles on your basin which later are responsible for rusting and corrosion.

  • Knives, sharp objects leave scratch on wash basin. Try to wash them on your kitchen sink.

  • Do not leave your heavy cookware on your basin, they leave scars.



Just as you follow the do’s for your wash basin, follow the don’ts for your wash basins too. Your basin will remain shiny and new forever.