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Technology 294 views Dec 15, 2019
Know google play structures before making an android app

Who doesn't like to use the android application? We hope everyone likes it. Whether it is for learning language, reading books, sharing files, everyone who has a smartphone likes to use the android app. If you are an app developer, then you can choose the google play store to launch your product.


Google play store is the simple and easiest way to reach your app to thousands of people. It follows strict rules at download and uploads the software. So, the google play store is the safest medium to its users.



Structures you should know before launching your application

The google play store follows the strict structures, which makes it trustable and favorable to its users. Without getting acknowledge about the structure and following the rules, one can't get success in here. So, all developers have to know properly about the supports google texture/[قوقل بلاي [دعم التراكيب before releasing his software.


Maximum size

The google play store doesn't approve the apps which size across the Google structure. The lower version of android can support a maximum of 50 MB apps. On the contrary, the higher version of android can support a maximum of 100 MB apps. Therefore, your app's size must remain between this range.


Abide by all the policy

Google play store imposes some rules before publishing the apps. A developer has to make his app by following the rules of the google play store. Readout all the policies imposed by google before posting your apps, follow and accept them.


Fix your app’s the age limit

The google play beliefs the developer who gives specific evaluation about their software. For example, he has to make a clear claim for who the software is made for.


Determine the app's value

Before publishing your app, you have to clarify whether your app will be paid or free. Initially, you have to publish your apps freely. Later you can charge for your apps and earn money for the app's features.


Invest in a video to market your apps

You can make a video to attract people for downloading your apps and publish them on google. It may make you some initial cost, but the addition will attract your desired customer, and you can earn profit from them.


Registration fee

To publish and manage your application, you have to ensure access to the google play store. To get access to the account, you have to pay $25, which is a one-time payment.


All in all, you can get a good and reliable market at the google play store for your android application.