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Travel 484 views Dec 01, 2019
Why Book A North Wales Hotel Direct

More and more people are going to third-party travel companies to find the best deal online for their desired North Wales hotel. Whilst booking with a travel agent has its perks, booking from a third-party site is not always the best option.


In fact, a lot of third-party sites require a percentage fee from your desired hotel in North Wales if you book with them too, meaning you may not only be doing yourself a disservice but also a local business.


Travel agencies will always be popular with holidaymakers as they have the ability to compare with other agencies at a click of a button. However, that doesn’t mean to say you are necessarily getting the best deal.


We have put together some advantages of booking direct as opposed to booking with a travel agency below.


You Can Save Money

A lot of us automatically think that if we book through a travel agent that we can save ourselves some save money. Although this used to be the case, hotel owners have now realised that they could make more money by convincing guests to book direct. Hotel prices are now equal, if not cheaper than accommodation booking sites. Some hotels even offer a discount if you happen to register on the website too!


Personalised Stays

If you’re looking for some personal touches and to make a request, you will be able to do so when booking directly. When booking with a travel agency you don’t have this option as they are just a “vendor”. So, the next time you are looking to plan a trip for a birthday or special occasion, you’re best off booking direct as the hotel will always try to satisfy your needs and are more than happy to help.



We all know that booking through a third-party site is really easy and simple, however, not so simple if your travel plans change. Many travel agents, even though easy to cancel, can incur large penalties and cancellation fees. So, the next time your flight is delayed or a family member has fallen ill, you would have wished you booked direct.

Booking direct, depending on your hotel, can in fact allow you up to 24 hours before your stay to cancel for free with no cancellation fees. Pretty good, no?


Although third-party travel agencies may look like you are getting a pretty good deal, after taking all into consideration you may be setting yourself up for a much larger spend than you need to.  That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use travel agencies, but to always check the hotel’s website as they may have a better deal.