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Health 1,492 views Nov 28, 2019
How To Start An In-Home Personal Training Career

When you think about it, it’s rather interesting how one comes about to their career paths in the end. How many times have someone asked you, “so what do you do for a living”? The career or even the prospect of one becomes intertwined with the intrinsic value of the person, whether they like it or not. Realizing your goal of becoming a personal fitness coach was likely never something that was on the bucket list of things to get into. For myself, it took deep thought, planning and a lot of kicking and screaming from outside sources as to how to make a job switch. However, when all was said and done, becoming a personal trainer was the best choice and most rewarding experience that one could ask for. Being your own boss and owning yourself is worth it! All that being said, this is the story of one man and should not persuade anyone to change doing what they thrive at - unless that happens to be making said person unhappy. People need to come to their own conclusions and paths by the ups, downs and everything in between that comes their way when making a career choice. 


From the beginning, especially as a young man, there was a lot to learn in this crazy world of health and fitness. I started a personal training venture named Everfit which was sold and morphed into one named Busy Bee Fitness Experts. Wondering about the name? How that eventually came about is kind of a mystery - it just seemed to work. Although, it does seem rather fitting given that we work with busy professionals that don't necessarily have the time to workout on their own. We’ve come to learn that staying motivated to working out can be such a difficult and measured task, no matter who you are or your fitness ability. Any trainer with any sense can show someone how to train but it takes more than that. It requires a certain type of personality and good taste. All that aside, Toronto has been developing condo buildings at a record pace to boot and the gyms being built inside of them are absolutely phenomenal. In-home services, undoubtedly, has become the way of the future.  


Educate Yourself About The Clients

It’s one thing to gain clients but it’s another thing to retain them. For the vast number of us, it takes a lot of work to develop into the person you want to be in all aspects, whether you realize it at the time or not. Working hard to develop your skills as a personal trainer for the right reasons and good things will follow. An even larger number of people have asked me in the past what I personally believe makes a high-quality fitness expert. I always tell say the same thing – someone that knows how to communicate well and get along well with others. “No one says it but the best quality trainers around are the ones that become best friends with their clients. Is this unprofessional? Perhaps, but it’s essential to this type of career. Now, that can also work against some people but if you know how to find a happy medium level of communication and professionalism then you’re on the right track to having a loyal following of clients.


Becoming a true professional requires a lot of motivation and dedication to being good at multiple things. Don’t stick to one niche but develop your skillset. What makes a successful fitness coach? Well, having the right attitude and being professional at all times to start. Having the very best in communication is also part of the personal trainer Toronto mindset that works for generally everyone. Scott Everson, who is currently a practicing nutrition specialist on top of managing a personal training business says, “creating a comprehensive routine should be the primary aim for anyone looking to make positive changes and drop the negative lifestyle habits that impact health." =

Working and flourishing with a skilled team with a great depth of experience and knowledge can be time consuming but a worthwhile asset for the present. "It's all about individual one-on-one approaches and involvement in that person’s life. We all need support and everyone wants to believe that someone is there to care and support them in their goals". That's a statement that no one would disagree with, however, it may not apply to all scenarios as can be evidenced by the contrary. Various levels of energizing coaches may provide the best support but is it always the right kind? It's hard to fully decipher how that would be any different from fundamental books in the field of working out. There definitely isn't an outright shortage of people with diabetes fitness needs, for instance. Many conditions out there can be cured through athletic training for the long run. 


Have An End Goal

How can a good coach that fosters a support system that is required for getting those gains? Do they begin by just randomly going to a gym? What’s kind of ironic is that people will search on Google. Surprisingly, that's probably the most trustworthy method of seeking help. It happens that being afraid of asking for help is probably the biggest detriment to people making any realistic changes. Most studies say so on the subject. Instead, they do it on their own and burnout almost immediately after they start, or worse yet get injured. Ever heard of the good old winter struggle? Of course, because you've likely been part of that majority that quits after the first month. It can be quite frustrating when you workout day and night and don't see results immediately. This is also frustrating for the personal trainers that are demanded of these things.


Busy Bee Fitness Experts provide a truly rewarding experience for their personal training. One must constantly learn and work objectively to feed ways to help people actualize their goals. We also get that strength training just isn't for everyone but don't waste the time of someone that is trying to make a living and means well. If in any doubt, look to yourself for the answers as they are within you and without you. For more information on getting started, contact an expert at or visit our website for more details.