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Family & Home 387 views Nov 06, 2019
4 Differences between UPVC and Wooden Windows

Windows are made of different materials. The overall cost, durability, convenience, maintenance, and other factors should be considered while choosing the window material for your home. UPVC and wooden materials are mostly used for windows because of several beneficial facts. To know more about the differences of UPVC and wood windows, you can follow this article.


Maintenance: Wooden windows require more maintenance than UPVC windows. You need to keep them clean by dusting and wiping regularly. They require repaint, as well, after eight to ten years of using. On the other hand, UPVC windows don’t need much maintenance, including repainting. It loses its pristine white finish with time and can become faded in color. You cannot repair the UPVC windows as you can with the wooden windows. To install UPVC windows Kent, call the professionals for better service.

Thermal Efficiency: The improvement of the thermal efficiency of your home depends a lot on the doors and windows you have. Generally, double glazing is more thermally efficient than the single glazing. You need to consider the material you choose. Wood is an excellent insulator. However, UPVC is thermally more efficient. It will give you the perfect weather indoor, both in the winter and summertime. So, you can look for this material, but that does not necessarily mean that wooden windows don’t provide thermal efficiency. It does almost the same, but through UPVC, you can save a lot of money for keeping energy costs.

Environment-Friendly: Wooden windows are usually environmentally friendly in its manufacturing process and for being an excellent insulator. It can save you money as well as energy. The UPVC windows generally emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They leave around 200,000 tons of wastes a year. You can recycle wooden windows, which are pretty much eco-friendly.

The Cost: UPVC windows are the cheapest option you can choose for your windows. It has more beneficial facts comparing to wooden windows in a sense. Also, people prefer choosing UPVC more than wood or other materials in recent years. On the other hand, wooden windows tend to be a bit expensive than UPVC. The durability is better for the woods comparing to UPVC, but the cost is affordable for the UPVC.

So, these are the primary differences between UPVC and wooden windows you can count on.