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Travel 740 views Oct 27, 2019
Jet2 Excursions in Mallorca: how to save money?

Save money on Jet2 excursions by following the advice in this post about how to make the best of your holiday in Mallorca and how to get the best deals on excursions. To know about jet 2 excursions mallorca cheaper visit


Jet2 offer excursions in resort to the most popular places in Mallorca and to the top tourist attractions. The problem is that Jet2 excursions are pretty standard and uninspired and are also quite expensive. You might have saved money on your holiday to Mallorca by booking with Jet2 but you aren’t going to save money if you buy Jet2 excursions!


    • Best excursions in mallorca


There is a lot to see and do in Mallorca and with your limited holiday time, you have to choose your tours and activities carefully. The best excursions in Mallorca are offered by No Frills Excursions. This is a local company that dedicates itself entirely to arranging tours and excursions from the resorts of Alcudia, Playa de Muro, Can Picafort and Puerto Pollensa. If you are on a Jet2 holiday then you will most likely be staying in one of these areas, so you will have the opportunity to take one of the excellent tours with No Frills Excursions.


The best things to do in Mallorca include a visit to the famous Caves of Drach, a ride through the mountains on the Soller Train, a trip to Arta Market or a day at one of the many theme parks on offer such as Marineland, Katmandu Park, Palma Aquarium or one of the big water parks. Or perhaps you fancy an evening excursion with dinner shows and drinks included.


    • How to save money on jet2 excursions


This is quite simple: if you want to save money on Jet2 excursions, just don’t book them! As mentioned above, there are other companies offering better value days out in Mallorca without needing to book with Jet2. Actually, the Jet2 excursions aren’t even organized by Jet2: the bookings are passed to a booking pool, mixed with other tour companies and nationalities and you might find that there are people going to all different destinations on the same tour coach.


So the solution is more than simple: book your holiday with Jet2 to save money compared with other tour operators, but don’t book your excursions with Jet2! Get much better value for money by checking out the wide selection of tours available at No Frills Excursions. You will have a great holiday in Mallorca and you will save money.