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Career & Work 476 views Oct 22, 2019
Types of CSCS Training

CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a construction skills certificate that is essential for many jobs in and related to the construction industry. This is important for obvious reasons; the construction industry can be a hazardous occupation. It is important that everyone in the industry can be identified correctly in case of an accident and that people are knowledgeable about the jobs that they apply for. One can get his/her CSCS training in Kent

There are 12 cards each with 12 different colors each representing a different meaning. These cards range from general laboring (green) to experienced site workers (red).


GREEN CSCS CARD is a basics site skills card for a general laborer. If a candidate is looking to apply for this card then he/she would require an employer’s recommendation for getting this card.

BLUE CSCS CARD – SEMI SKILLED WORKERS can be assigned to an individual who has completed an apprenticeship or has gained their SVQ or NVQ level 2 along with a certificate from the City of Guilds.

GOLD CSCS CARD – SKILLED WORKERS who have achieved an employer-sponsored apprenticeship or SVQ or an NVQ level 3 along with an Advance Craft Certificate from the City and Guilds can own this card.

GOLD CSCS CARD – SUPERVISORS are represented by this card. This card is given to candidates who have experience in supervising and have already achieved the SVQ or NVQ Level 3.

BLACK CSCS CARD – SENIOR MANAGERS are allowed to have this card. This card is presented to those people who have excellent managerial skills and achieved level 4 or 5 in site management.

YELLOW/WHITE – PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED PERSON CSCS CARD (QPP) is for professionals who look after health and safety responsibilities such as architects, engineers, consultants, and surveyors.

WHITE CSCS CARD – CONSTRUCTION RELATED OCCUPATION (CRO) shows the occupation of the cardholder. It is assigned to people who have been involved in construction-related occupations which have not been mentioned in the previous cards.

YELLOW CSCS CARD – REGULAR VISITOR card is for those people who visit the construction site, but do not have any construction ‘site’ skill.

RED CARD – GRADUATE (TECHNICAL, SUPERVISORY, AND MANAGEMENT) is for those who have completed qualifications related to construction from a nationally recognized education college. This card is valid for 3 years.


Henceforth, as there are lots of opportunities to get a skilled course at a lower cost, people could take CSCS training in Kent.