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Family & Home 379 views Oct 19, 2019
What Are The Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets grew its popularity not only because of the level of comfort that comes with it. But in fact, weighted blankets offer more than just relaxation and superior comfort. Here we have chalked down some of the greatest benefits of weighted blankets that you must know about.

But before we jump to the benefits that come with weighted blankets lets first understand in brief about what it actually is.

In fact, weighted blankets were initially created to perform as a natural form of therapy to treat sensory processor disorders such as autism. The blankets perform as a non-medicated way of calming down anxieties or stress.  So, how the weighted blankets work? 

Basically, sleeping on these blankets creates a sense of being swaddled and this, in turn, provides a sense of security to the body and eventually helps in relaxation.

The tremendous popularity and demand for weighted blankets made experts research it and soon it turned out that the therapy with a weighted blanket creates a type of physical connection which is unique and comes with plenty of positive benefits. Some of the research-based benefits of weighted blankets are described below.



Being heavier than conventional sheets the weighted blankets add extra weight to a person’s body which in turn helps the person relieve his/her stress and experience improved mood.



One of the most common and notable benefits of weighted blankets is that these blankets are known to help people who experience stress. When sleeping on with the weighted blanket it is known to alleviate the negative vibes effectively and relieve stress which is uncommon with the conventional blankets.


Apart from stress and anxiety relief the weighted blankets can help solve the problems related to sleep disorder and most importantly eliminate insomnia. As the blankets are very comfortable it helps people to relax better and this means it is easier to sleep tightly without the probability of sudden interruptions.


Now that you know the top benefits of using weighted blankets you might be now wondering what it feels like using one. In fact, these blankets are the coziest type of blankets that keeps on making you feel like a snug hug.


Weighted blankets have both physical and mental benefits in the long run and this must be why weighted blanket Australia is coming in various sizes and weights to meet up the demand and its popularity.