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Travel 5,211 views Oct 12, 2019
How new kitchens add value to your property?

Your house will not be a home unless it has a kitchen and this is indeed a well-known fact. Be it a woman or man the first thing that almost all of them check out is the look of the kitchen. Because all the delicious food that will be cooked will be coming out from this place of the house, it must be a beautiful one. Hence, to enlighten you more, we have listed down details below about how new kitchens in Marbella add value to your property.

  • Storage:

Storage is an important aspect of a kitchen. And when buyers think if getting the house, they surely lookout for the storage system that is present in the kitchen. Hence, if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen maximize the storage capacity by installing cupboards that start from the floor till the ceiling.

  • Benchtop:

If the kitchen benchtop does not seem attractive to you, know that it will not seem attractive to your buyers as well. You will need to upgrade the quality of your kitchen benchtop so that the buyer of your house gets easily flattered by casting their glance upon it. Use a luxurious yet durable material like granite or quartz for benchtops. Along with being durable, the material must be stain, heat and water-resistant so that it is easily for anyone to clean it up.

  • Color scheme:

When you will be renovating the look of your kitchen be thoughtful regarding the color of the walls, ceilings, floors and other finishes of the kitchen. Not everyone is a lover of bright bold colors, hence it is better that you don’t choose anything like that. Neutral colors that are sober like white, grey and beige are highly appreciated by almost everyone and you will find a lot of buyers that demand for such colors.

  • Lighting scheme:

Make sure that the lighting of your kitchen is very good and not at all dull. Working in the kitchen does require good lighting and that is an important aspect that new buyers look out for. If you want to increase the value of your property a bit more, then you can install technology in your kitchens that can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of light according to one’s requirement.



To sum up, if you upgrade your old kitchens into new kitchens in Marbella by following the tips that we have listed above, you can surely be able to increase the value of your property and all your investment and time will be worth it.