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Travel 406 views Oct 10, 2019
How to Buy Cheap Train Tickets

If you are wondering how to cut the cost of your train travel and nail down the best way to buy cheap train tickets we have got you covered with it right in here.


How much in advance should you book the train tickets for cheaper rates?

Usually, most of the operators make the train tickets available 6 months in advance and the cheapest train tickets are snapped up and booked as early as 3 months in advance. This is why if you know several months before you are traveling the good rule of thumb is to snap the tickets months ahead.


What you should know about Advance Tickets

There are many types of train tickets offered by the operators and one of the ticket types is the advance tickets. Just as the name suggests, the advance ticket can be booked in advanced and what important to know about these types of tickets is that these are way cheaper ones and only very limited numbers of the tickets are made available for the travelers.

However, advance tickets come with the lowest price fares and availing them is bound to save and cut the cost of your train journey.


Buying multiple train tickets or Split ticketing

One of the most creative ways to cut down your train ticket cost is by buying multiple train tickers to cover a single journey. Often referred to as a split ticketing process, it means the traveler will buy more than one to two tickets to cover specific miles of a long journey. No matter how complicated it sounds and no matter how many papers you land up with, split ticketing is sure to cut down your train ticker cost in an impressive amount.


Get a Railcard

With a Railcard, you can use it to save a third on train tickets. And, what’s more, is that the railcards you can easily avail discount train fares and cut the cost of local travel.


Find cheap ticket fares by using a Fare Finder

There are many useful fare finder sites from where you can compare fare prices and find the best value train ticks while also track the fare price changes. The fare finder sites offer a great convenient way to hunt down the cheapest available train ticket prices and also last minute cheap train tickets.

The above are some of the useful ways to buy cheap train ticket but for the ultimate guide to finding multiple methods, cool tips and tricks to find the cheapest tickets you must visit: