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Technology 397 views Oct 02, 2019
How to Set Up QuickBooks to Multi-User Mode

If you are looking for the most effective accounting software, you can depend on the QuickBooks. This software helps to manage accounting tasks more easily and efficiently. It tends to improve your business stability and profitability at the same time. QuickBooks provides a lot of features. Multi-user mode is one of the features, which allows more than one user to manage and operate your company data at a time. You can have this application without any complications. You will have other users to work on the same file from different computers.

If you want to know how to set up QuickBooks to Multi-user mode, you have to go through a process. At first, press F2 and check how many user licenses you to have in the list of your QuickBooks. You will get five user licenses for premier or pro by QuickBooks. If you are about to add more user licenses, you need to get QuickBooks Enterprise, where you will get five to fifteen users’ licenses.

To get the additional licenses in premiere or pro, go to help, then click on ‘Manage My License,’ and Sync License Data Online. When you are done installing and setting up a valid user license, install the Database Server Manager. It is required to scan the system on a regular basis.

After that, make sure all the users are signed or logged out from QuickBooks. You now have to choose the file. Then click on the Switch to Single User Mode or Multi-User Mode. You can now search for the number of users regarding the version and click on the Next to proceed. Set a Username and Password for each of the users to provide your QuickBooks data more security and safety. Finally, click OK to save the entire settings.

To get the multi-user mode, you have to go through the process one after another. You can switch the mode easily by following the steps by the given instructions. If you want to increase profitability and efficiency in your business, you can look for the change at any time. You can face some difficulties and errors while working on the process. If you cannot troubleshoot the issues immediately, you can seek professionals’ help. Also, make sure all the users are signed out or logged out of QuickBooks.


Moreover, follow the instructions to set up the multi-user mode.