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Social Media 419 views Sep 29, 2019
How to get social proof for your twitter profile

Your twitter profile can be used by you for a various number of reasons. You may use your twitter profile for marketing, for promotion of your brand or for promotion of any sort of talent that you may have. And to make sure that your twitter profile has great impact on the audience that is using twitter and watching you, you will need to have strong social proof.

To help you get social proof for your twitter profile we have listed down and have written details regarding some tricks. Following this guide will definitely help you to have the widespread impact that you are aiming for.


  1. Focus on posting quality content regularly:

You will be able to get social proof only if you post things that meet the taste and likings of the targeted audience on twitter. You will need to post things that will make people click the follow button as soon as they check out your profile.


  1. Target for going viral:

You will need to be able to influence people by winning their hearts. You will need to post things that people will not be able to resist themselves and share your work. That is how you will be getting frequent retweets and go viral on social media. And then you will come in the notice pf a greater number of audience because of frequent post being shared and going viral.


  1. Collaboration:

You may try to ask a quite famous twitter profile owner to collaborate with you. You might both plan together to give each other shout outs and suggest people follow each other. Or you may plan a giveaway where you will ask your audience to follow both of the owners of the collaboration and set some rules like retweeting posts to get a chance to win the giveaway.

To further help each other, you may ask your audience to mention their own friends or followers in the giveaway post. This will surely spread the names of both of the profiles.



To sum up, you will be able to get social proof for your twitter profile if you keep following the steps for as long as you reach your target. Following the tips only for once will not help. And there will definitely days of failure and lots of struggles, but you will need to keep moving forward.