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Technology 428 views Sep 29, 2019
Importance of Data Security

In this modernized era, we hardly have time for social interactions; we solely rely on social networking platforms to be connected. Moreover, we use digital mediums of monetary transactions - be it for a deposit, online shopping, or even day-to-day grocery shopping.  Every mundane activity has been digitalized, which claims to save people’s time; but has an underlying hazard that is not taken into account at times. Every digital action has certain requirements - it asks for your name, number, and email for identification and authentication. Online payments have an additional requirement; it requires NID and bank details to complete the transaction. We carelessly give out all the information required without verifying the site and their security policy. Security of data is a fundamental right in the digital world of information and should be preserved. If you run a business online or have a website where you collect personal information, this article will help you to store the information in a database in line with the standards of cybersecurity laws. To know more about cybersecurity or phishing you can visit the website


Before protecting your database, you should know the reasons which make your database vulnerable to suspicious attacks. Human beings tend to use the same password on multiple platforms, and the password is often very easy to crack. Hence, it is always recommended to use a combination of Upper and Lowercase alphabets along with multiple characters, punctuation marks, and numbers. This makes your password more difficult to crack protecting your personal information and all other data you store.


Companies often give access to a database to multiple employees using the same login credentials. Hence, it becomes difficult to trace the changes made by individual employees. Tracking is important because employees can steal personal data, make deliberates changes, or be involved in some malicious practice to defame the company. Sounds crazy right?  However, such incidents are very usual. Moreover, giving employees full access to the database can lead to unintentional errors which can cause a break in the privacy of data stored. As a result, it is of paramount importance to give the users limited access to the database to protect your data from accidental deletion or alteration.


Data encryption is another reason which makes your database very susceptible. If your data is not encrypted using a proper algorithm, your company is on the verge of facing data theft charges. Hence, you should use data encryption techniques used by big firms, at least the ones which have accreditation in the industry.


With accelerating advancements in programming algorithms and artificial intelligence, you never know what to expect and when to expect. It is always better to safe than sorry. Hence, take preventive measures beforehand to avoid defamation and lawsuits for violation of data privacy. To find related articles visit