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Family & Home 333 views Sep 26, 2019
2019 Top Ten Tools to Own For DIY

It’s almost the new year with new motivation to start getting things done. Maybe your apartment lease is up, or maybe you just want to be more handy around your home. (Even if your workspace is your living room with plastic down while your significant other is at work for the day. (I once built an entire 3 piece entertainment center in my apartment living room between 8:30 am and 6 pm while my partner was at work. Measuring, cutting, sanding, staining, drilling, and assembling IN MY LIVING ROOM!)) Where there is a will, there is away. J If you aren’t much of a handyman, or even you if you want to be up on the latest tools of the trade, this is a quick list of Must-Haves for anyone’s list.


1. A Miter Saw.

Everyone needs a miter saw. Is it compact enough to put in your tool chest? Of course not. But, it is essential. At some point, you are going to need to cut something and cut it precisely. Yes, a hand saw can cut things. No, a handsaw will not give you a precise cut every time.


2. A sander.

Either rotary or belt. This will come in a lot more handy than you think. Need to replace a shelf? Want to create a shelf form scratch? Need to replace any kind of wood that you don’t want to splinter when touched? Then a sander is a must. 10 seconds with a power sander is worth 15 minutes with a hand sander.


3. A multi angle template tool.

This is a new addition this year. Don’t know how to use a speed square? Can’t always make it work? A multi angle template tool is a great tool for when you want something a lot more precise than a guestimate, but you aren’t professional. (Although, many professionals use them too.) You will be surprised how versatile this tool is. Manipulate it to the shape you need, then use it as a stencil on what you are cutting. It’s great for almost any angle you need to cut for floors, walls, frames, brick, stone, wood, rafters, flashing, tile, etc. You can find it at


4. A level.

A standard level is a must. From hanging pictures to getting a perfect pitch, you will find there are an infinite amount of uses for this thing.


5. Tape Measure.

Pick one that measures 25 feet. You will find yourself using it for necessary stuff, building a bookcase, to frivolous handy stuff, marking out the size of your new bed in your bedroom.


6. A Speed Square.

Many things you fix, many things you replace, and many things you build will need precise measurements. A tape measure can get there approximately, a speed square can get you there precisely.


7. A Speed Square.

From a blunt force tool to a precise nailing device, you will absolutely need a hammer. To quote the great Stan Lee… “Nuff Said”.


8. Quick Clamps

You might need a guide as you nail/screw two pieces together, or glue something. They will come in more handy than you would initially think. Pick up 2 pairs: one large and one small.


9. A Cordless drill with bits

From drilling to screwing, you will find that 2 of these are an even bigger time saver (you will be drilling and screwing at the same time a lot, so having two drills saves changing bits), but certainly, one good drill is a necessity.


10. Wrench and Plyer set

If you can’t screw it or hit it, you will need to tighten it. An adjustable wrench and plyer set is something you will absolutely need for basic DIY around the house.


There you have it, a quick list of essentials for your workspace. Where there is a will, there is a way. :)


Anyway, here’s to a great set of tools!