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Technology 395 views Sep 05, 2019
How to Use Seedbox for Downloading Faster Torrents

If you are wondering on how to speed up your BitTorrent uploads and downloads then you must be using a seedbox. A reliable and dedicated seedbox not only increases the download speed of files but also comes with guaranteed uptime connections and files can be shared on a private server too.

Before we understand how to use seedbox we must first understand what a seedbox is and what the purpose of using a seedbox is.

A BitTorrent Seedbox is a specialized server which is hosted on a high speed dedicated server and this allows in easy and faster file sharing benefits. Using the seedbox helps in bypassing ISP traffic shaping and also bypass bit torrent blockage which eventually leads to faster upload and downloading of files. 

Thus, seedbox serves the purpose of seeding effectively and this is why it is termed as seedbox.  Using a seedbox for torrenting activity is always the safest option as it allows transmitting files securely by being encrypted.


How to Use Seedbox


A seedbox is a web application accessing or using it is also easy from any devices or computers. And, what more is that one can also use and control the seedbox from any Android or IOS device and for that there are many apps available also.

A seedbox comes with one or more torrent clients and uses Bit Torrent protocol for file sharing. A seedbox is connected to a high speed network which makes loading or downloading the torrent files at a faster speed.

Using the seedbox ensures private downloading of the torrent files. Along with high-speed download there are tons of benefits attached to using a seedbox and this is why it gaining popularity day by day.

You can also use your seedbox for anonymity but for that, you will need a VPN or purchase a seedbox plan that already comes with a VPN solution for masking your identity.

Generally, when purchasing the seedbox from a provider it is explained on how to use the seedbox and also nowadays they are also making it super easy to configure the seedbox for torrenting purpose. But, there are also some effective automation tools to manage the seedbox.  Some of the popular automation tools to manage the contents of seedbox are – Couchpotato, Radarr, Plex Request and so on.

In case you are wondering how to get a seedbox then you must know Pulsed Media comes with a handful of plans and sets of application for Seedbox.