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Travel 661 views Sep 03, 2019
Acadia National Park: 5 Visitor Questions

Acadia National Park in Mt Desert Island, Maine is one of the most popular National Parks in the United States. Its picturesque landscape and serene Summer-through-Fall weather make it a destination of choice for many visitors to New England.


Below are answers to 5 questions about Acadia National Park.



1. When is the park's busy season?

Essentially, Acadia National Park sees its busiest  tourist traffic from Memorial Day through the last week of September. Many people trek to Acadia to be at one with nature. Unfortunately, so do thousands of other people. That is why it's important to plan your trip with average park traffic in mind. Being stuck in a traffic jamb in Bar Harbor can slow the pace of your visit and detract from the fun. If you mus visit during the busy tourist season, park official recommend seeing the most popular destinations either or late to avoid the crowds.  Time management is key!


2. Is Acadia National Park Open During Winter?

Yes. Acadia National Park is open during the winter. Many of the businesses in and close to Bar Harbor close during the winter offseason. However, most of the park is open. Additionally, the park has from time-to-time offered free admission to those willing to brave the snow. It's a great place to go for cross country skiing, winter hiking, snowmobiling and capturing snowy winter photos.


3. Are there Moose in Acadia National Park?

Many first time visitors to Acadia want to know if moose are found roaming the park.  While there are occasional moose sightings, they are more the exception than the rule. As a state, Maine has the highest density of moose population in the United States. Thus, it's not surprising that Acadia visitors sometimes expect to see moose in the park. However, moose prefer the inland locations to the coastal areas of Acadia. If you really want to see moose, head inland to the following areas: Baxter State Park, Carrabassett Valley, Aroostook State Park & Rangeley Lake State Park.


4. Can I bring my dog to Acadia National Park?

Yes, you can bring your dog to the Acadia. As a state, Maine is one of the most dog-friendly places in the United States. Not surprisingly, Acadia is probably the most dog-friendly of the National Parks. However, keep in mind that some places are off-limits including Precipice Trail, Beehive Mountain, all of the Lake areas and Sand Beach during the busy season. Also, dogs must be kept with you on a 6' or shorter leash at all times. Also, be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet!


5. Where are some of the lessor known places to go in Acadia?

The trail map provided by the National Park Service lists all the most popular destinations within Acadia National Park. However, if you've already seen most of them or are looking for places that have less tourist traffic, try these:

  • Ruins of George Dorr's Estate. This very eerie place is where the former family home of park pioneer George Dorr sat. The home was demolished shortly after his death in the 1940s. However, many rustic stone steps and much of the impressive foundation remains.
  • The Rockefeller Boathouse. If you'd like to see where the Rockefeller family park their ships when they roll into town, check out their impressive boathouse on Little Long Pond. It's not accessible by bike, only horseback or foot.
  • Abandoned Ski Lift. At one time, there was a ski lift in Acadia. Its name was McFarland Mountain Ski Slope. However, the operation has been shuttered for many decades. At the site, you will find old cables and metal parts. So if you like weird abandoned places, bring your camera but leave your skis at home.


For more information on these secret Acadia, locations check out our articles: Secret Places in Acadia and Cadillac Mountain Secrets.