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Travel 606 views Aug 31, 2019
Require New Zealand ETA Visa from October 2019

Citizens of 60 nationalities including German, Singapore, UK and United States will be requiring NZeTA to travel to New Zealand starting from October, 2019. The Government of New Zealand has already announced the launch date of eligible countries for the new Electronic Travel Authorization (Eta NZ) and it will be implemented from the 1st of October, 2019.


In here, we have got you covered with the important updates on the required travel entry documents that you’ll need to need to take when visiting the island country and how you can apply for the new eTA visa application


Should you need an NZeTA for visiting New Zealand? Of course, you will need to carry a valid a New Zealand ETA Visa starting from this 1st October and if you are from any of the 60 countries including UK and USA. So, if you are planning your trip to New Zealand after October then it is high time you pre-register an Electronic Travel Authorization. You can apply for the ETA Visa application it right from the comfort of your home and although the vast majority of applications are processed almost instantly sometime it takes at least 72 hours for the application to be reviewed.


Applying for the New Zealand electronic travel authorization is in fact simple and takes a few minute to fill up the form and this can be done from the website without the need of physically going to an embassy. And, what more is that the ETA visa is valid for 2 year and can be more than once for several visits. The pre-registration form for applying for the ETA visa is already available online.


If you are yet wondering how to apply for the ETA visa then you should know it takes only minutes and the process involves just 3 simple steps. For completing the New Zealand ETA application the required documents that one will need is a valid passport.


Along with the valid passport, during the time of applying for the ETA visa, the traveler will also be asked some regular questions based on their character. Once, the online application form is filled up you will be asked to pay the ETA fee using a credit card or debit card and receive the ETA visa waiver tight in your mailbox.


With the New Zealand ETA Visa requirement, it is indeed going to be 2019’s one important event leaving major mark on global immigration.