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Family & Home 341 views Aug 16, 2019
Pet Fencing for your Pool


When it comes to pool fencing, the priority is usually protecting children, but what about your pets? If you have pets, investing in a pool fence is a wise choice to prevent them from falling in. The water can be just as tempting to them as it can be for young children. With a pool fence for your pets, you can be assured of their safety even if you are inside the house.


Pet Fencing for your Pool

Keeping your dog out of the swimming pool can be done in one of two ways: physical barriers, and psychological barriers.

Physical barriers primarily include fences. There are some fences that are made specifically to keep your dog out and are therefore only temporary fences, easy to remove when you want to swim. However, if you have children or if there are children in your neighborhood, it may be a good idea to install a more permanent fence around your swimming pool for more than just your pet.

You may also consider a pool cover. Much of the temptation for swimming is visible. If your dog can see the pool when it’s fenced, your dog may become frustrated with his lack of ability to access the pool. This can lead to frustration barking. If you cover your pool, this can mitigate the problem. Using a combination of fence and pool cover may be necessary. A pool cover also has the advantages of keeping other debris out of your pool.


Retractable fences are popular but are not always the safest. You are better off getting a removable pool fence. They are not as convenient but they provide greater security for your pets. A self-closing and self-latching gate is also recommended. The gate will return to a closed position to prevent it from ever staying open accidentally. Your pet will also not be able to push the gate open should they be tempted to explore the pool.


Mesh fences are the best choice for pool fencing for pets. The reinforced mesh material prevents your pets from climbing or jumping over the fence and they are unable to scratch their way through. The minimal weave size of the material does not allow for claws to get through. The material we use for our mesh pool fences is strong enough to withstand their best efforts and is guaranteed to keep them safe from the pool. Pet pole fences should also be used as they are both strong and reliable regardless of the weight of your pet. The stainless steel pins keep the mesh in place and the poles will not budge no matter how much force your pet places on them. Protect your pets from accidental drowning and invest in a mesh pool fence today.