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Travel 561 views Aug 16, 2019
What to look for in a Ibiza villa before you buy one

Choosing the perfect villa can be a tiring job hence, it is important you know all the right things to take a look at before going on a hunt. There are some majestic villas for sale in Ibiza, no doubt. However, being bewildered by their interiors and decorations alone is not going to do the job. Certain factors need to be taken into consideration before you jump into conclusions solely based on the interior and price. Some crucial points are highlighted to help you with the key points when it comes to buying villas below:

  • Look at the location of the villa. Is this at a comfortable distance from your workplace? If you have kids, is the place far enough from the school your kids are currently attending? Make sure that you have proper access to commuting from home to the places you regularly visit in case you permanently want to stay there. This point will not apply to those who only want to pay a visit to the villa during holidays for spending quality time with their family.

  • While deciding on the price you want to buy a villa with, set a maximum budget limit that you are willing to spend for the villa. When the seller tells you the price they are willing to sell it for, start negotiating from the bottom. If negotiation is not a part of the deal then politely refuse to buy the house if it is out of your budget. One important that has to be taken into mind while talking about the price is to know whether the price they are quoting is including tax and device charges or not. Some sellers intentionally quote a lower price first which becomes staggeringly high after adding the hidden charges. Be aware of that.

  • Look at the number of rooms and their functions if you’re on a budget. Think of the highest possible number of people who might come to stay in your villa if it’s not for business purposes. For example, find villas for sale in Ibiza if there are more rooms than needed and the villa with less number of rooms are asking a lesser amount of money from you, it would be wiser to go with the latter one.


With these things in your mind, go ahead and find the perfect villa for you!