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Travel 574 views Aug 11, 2019
A Complete Travel Guide To Reach Mangrove Forest

A mangrove is like a small tree which grows in the salty water and coastal saline. They are also known as halophytes and contains a complex system for root and salt filtration. It is essential for the wave function, and these can even live in the low oxygen.
If you are planning to visit the largest mangrove forest in the world, then it is the right place to know about how to go there and what to do. In this guide, we have covered all the aspects to consider for reaching the Sundarbans. It is necessary to follow each one of them.

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Before you go to this place, it will be great to know that the UNESCO also recognizes it as world heritage. Moreover, Sundarbans has a dynamic lifestyle and 5770 km area for the land. You can also discover some of the unknown species. Let us begin with the guide.

1. How to visit?

There are no restrictions set to visit this place as anyone from anywhere can reach here and enjoy the natural beauty. If someone is traveling to this place, then first go to the Khulna and then, to Mongla. After visiting this place, take a boat or launch to reach Sundarbans. When the area comes, then there are some rules to follow, and we will discuss some of them below.

2. Rules

• No one is allowed to break or cut the branches of trees.
• It will be safe not to go anywhere alone.
• You are not allowed to make a fire in any part of the forest.
• If someone is throwing or beating with any stone, then it is not suitable for them. It will end up getting themselves in big trouble.


3. What will you see after entering into the forest?

After someone enters in the forest, then they can see the trees which are same for some time. They are known as Sundori. With these trees, there are other several types of species that can be seen in that place.

The next place will be a tall tower in which you can watch the whole area and if you want to go deep, then visit the Katka.
To conclude, it is best to go to this place for exploring nature and discover new species. It is essential to follow each point so that you will not face any trouble.

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