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Travel 590 views Aug 11, 2019
Low-cost trips in RV

Living in an RV while traveling can sound adventurous and exciting, but in reality, unplanned trips might distort your budget entirely. It is because living in an RV will indeed make you go to undecided places from time to time, but it is in your best interest if you pre-plan the estimated cost and location of the first few places you are going to visit. Hence, some ideas are jotted down to help you to plan a low-cost trip in RV.

One crucial factor a person has to think about while planning the cost of a trip is the cost of buying fuel on time. As you will be on the run majority of the times, you must sketch a blueprint for the lowest gas stations in the area. Lowest not only refers to the price, but you might also have to think through each decision before you take one. Let’s consider a scenario, there are two gas stations are at 2 miles and 5 miles distance from your current location respectively and the differences in their price is 5 dollars where the second one is cheaper than the first one, then it would be wise to go to the first station even if it means paying 5 dollars more since if you do the calculations, you will lose more than 5 dollars in traveling that extra 3 miles. So be smart and think through!

Secondly, you should go to the trailers instead of motor homes. 87% of the youth are picking the first vehicle over the second not only because of the flexibility it provides but also because of how budget-friendly that is.

Always keep some instant food and hot water in a jar while on the run. Not all areas you’ll go to have cheap food and if you’re going to stay there only for a while then resorting to canned foods might be a better option than spending that much on food.

If you’re not going to permanently stay in an RV or go on trips frequently, then it is better to rent an RV than invest a large amount of money in buying and maintaining the RV regularly. Find all the rental companies in your city, compare their prices with the facilities they are offering. Go for the one which suits your needs the best.

With this and a little bit of more personal research, you are well set to go!