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Technology 651 views Aug 02, 2019
Outbound Email Services That Are Cheap and Secure

Although light email users can depend upon the regular mail services offered by the usual service providers, small business owners and email marketers oftentimes consider using more secured and enterprise-level email services.

The widely used email service providers such as Gmail come with limited SMTP relay and there is no delivery-guarantee when en mass emails are sent. This is why using a reliable email service provider is indeed crucial for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


In here, we have chalked down such enterprise-level 10 outbound service providers that are cheap, secure and are best overall.


  1. Amazon SES


An email marketer’s favorite outbound email service provider seems to be Amazon SES which lets users send thousands of emails at only $0.10 and that comes with 100% delivering reliability.


  1. MailGet Bolt


MailGet Bolt is yet another best email service with reliable delivery and assurance. What makes the service so appealing other than the regular ones is its affordability and all-in-one email marketing solution offering complete email cleaning features and tools with a range of affordable plans to suit every business needs.


  1. MailGun


Owned by Rackspace, MailGun is an effortless provider with best in-built spam filtering and outbound SMTP features.


  1. MailJet


MailJet is a reputable mail service provider and the free plan lets users send 6000 emails a month.


  1. Mandrill


A simple yet effective and powerful outbound mail service which comes with flexible plans and feature is offered by Mandrill. The free plan offers users the chance to send almost 2000 emails with reliable deliverability.


  1. DuoCircle


Apart from advanced threat defense and protection for emails DuoCircle offers most well-managed outbound free SMTP services with superior infrastructure and guaranteed email delivery.  Indeed the outbound email service offered by the company is enterprise-level and comes with the most integrated solution for providing top-notch email security along with the best SMTP relay service which is straightforward and easy to use.


  1. SendinBlue


With the easy configuring interface and effective SMPTP open relay services, SendinBlue comes with both free plans and paid ones too. What makes SendinBlue an effective outbound email service provider is that almost no technical skill is required in using it. And, what more is that with its free plan one can send nine thousand emails per month totally free.


  1. Pepipost


Pepipost is a good alternative to most of the outbound mail services and their free plans and also paid ones with extra features available with it. What makes Pepipost stand out from the rest outbound email services is that the users can avail an earn cash-back feature when using the service.


  1. SendGrid


SendGrid happens to be a cloud-based reliable, scalable outbound email service provider which allows users to send free 12,000 emails each month.


  1. Postmark


Postmark comes with zero maintenance and easy to configure an interface with its free plan allowing users to send 25000 emails completely free.