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Family & Home 720 views Jul 30, 2019
What Is The Best Wood To Build A House

Choosing the best wood constructional material is important; not only because of how it increases the home value but also considering the overall safety, economy and aesthetic appeal of the building itself.


In here we have made the daunting task of finding the best wood constructional material to build your dream home.


Best types of softwoods to build a house or for home-remodeling


In fact, there are different types of woods when it comes to lumber and wood materials for constructional needs and each type come with different properties, flexibilities and needs. Generally, the wood for building a house is classified into two categories- softwoods and hardwoods.


  • Cedar: An ideal building wood


Contrary to its name softwoods are not weaker or less rigid than that of hardwood. Softwood which is considered as an ideal building wood is namely Cedar.


  • Cypress & Redwood: Best woods for outdoor and deck construction


In case of building a home to meet the outdoor constructional needs, the best type of softwood is Cypress indeed while Redwood is another outdoor wood type with excellent appearance and also the most common one.

A common and prominent tropical wood to build houses in North America is namely - Douglas Fir and the wood is reddish brown-tinted and appears as fairly plain lumbers



Best types of hardwoods to build a house


Hardwood seems to be the most prevalent building constructional wood material and each types of it comes with different properties and suitable to specific constructional needs.


  • Birch


Birch happens to be one of the best tropical hardwoods suitable for kitchen remodeling or simply for the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen itself and the wood grows mostly in North America.


  • Cherrywood


Cherry is visually the most appealing type of hardwood and rated as the very hard one. However, due to the high cost and pricey cuts of it, cherry wood is used considerably less in the constructional project and more used in furniture constructional projects.


  • Hickory


Hickory is a prominent wood that is used in a range of building projects and the type of wood which is most popular among the builders who are seeking for strength and durability in selecting their building wood material.


  • Oak


Compared to other hardwoods Oak is the wood of choice for building due to its high availability, ratings and appealing texture.



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