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Family & Home 696 views Jul 29, 2019
Tips For Working With Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Unlike the traditional and regular vacuum cleaners, the rainbow vacuum cleaners are currently the most prevalent ones. Thanks to its powerful motor which makes cleaning of carpets and even hardwood floors in a breeze.


And, what more is that the rainbow vacuum cleaners come with a much useful accessory which is an aero fresh vacuum bag to effectively remove even the minute dust particle from pillows or stuffed animals making it an efficient vacuum cleaner for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.


However, just like all other smart electronic appliances, regular maintenance is essential to keep this sturdy machine working well.

In here, we have chalked down smart tips and advice for working better with rainbow vacuum cleaner and signs and symptoms to look out for.


  1. Cleaning the rainbow separator


One of the top sign that your rainbow vacuum cleaners motor needs work is when you notice it making louder than usual sound.  In most cases, this happens when something is clogged in the separator or the hose of the cleaner.  In this case, clean the rainbow separator and see if the problem still prevails. 


  1. Cleaning the rainbow HEPA filter


Just like the regular vacuum cleaners sometimes the rainbow ones start to smell bad. If that is the case then you should know that these situations mostly happen if the dirty water is left inside the rainbow vacuum cleaner for a prolonged period of time. 


Keeping dirty water inside the vacuum bag makes the smell penetrate in the HEPA filter. This bad odor can be removed by removing the filter and cleaning it thoroughly with a suitable cleaner before reinstalling it again.


  1. A maintenance check-list


A responsible home-keeper always tends to keep a maintenance checklist for the smart electronic household appliances. That should also be the case with the vacuum cleaner. Apart from maintaining a regular cleaning regime for your vacuum cleaners you should also need to keep certain things in mind. That is, firstly the rainbow basin should be cleaned immediately and the dirty water should also be thrown away just after each use.  And, secondly, the water basin needs to be always stored separately.


  1. Scheduling a regular visit


The regular vacuum cleaner is easy to clean at house and do not require professional maintenance service but when it comes to maintenance of a rainbow vacuum cleaners, it is better left to a professional maintenance service It is a good idea to schedule for the maintenance and a routine visit helps in inspecting the key parts and compartments of the vacuum cleaner.