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Technology 565 views Jul 13, 2019
The Differences between Generic Software Product and Custom Sof

Generic software product and custom software development both have individualities at their own category. There is a huge difference between these two categories. The generic software product is designed and developed by a different development organization and it’s so much like stand-alone system. You won’t get any flexibility from it. On the other hand, custom software is much flexible and personalized that you can get a lot of benefits from it. Moreover, this article is going to talk about more of their differences accordingly.


Generic Software Product

For the generic software product, the product developers own the specification. They own everything regarding the software product and have access to change the specification if any external change is required. The user of the generic software product cannot actually control the overall evolution of the product. They get applications immediately but if anything is required to be changed on their own purposes, they cannot personalize it.

Generic software products are produced and developed by a development organization and they are like a stand-alone system. This software is sold openly in the market and anyone can buy it. This software has no individuality to get personalized when required. The examples of generic software products are software for PC’s such as word processors, databases, project management tools, etc. for more specific examples, you can count on the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft power point, etc.


Custom Software Development

In this category of software, customers get the full advantages from it and customers can control the overall software system. When you install custom software in your organization, it becomes easier for you to control the situation and bring changes when required. And the custom software is designed and developed by the software developer according to customers’ specification of requirements. They both come to a solid discussion before implementing the software.

To create the custom software and develop it, you will require investing a good amount of money along with long-term duration throughout the process. But the result you will get after will impact on your overall system and strategies. You won’t have to change the software frequently with the flow rather it can be personalized so easily. So, ultimately, you will be able to save a good amount of money for a longer period.


Moreover, the differences between generic software product and custom software development are vast. You should implement the kind of software that is suitable for you.