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Family & Home 478 views Jul 12, 2019
Buying a Home and Getting an Inspection Report to Make Sure Tha

Buying a home is a big investment and you want great value for your money.

This is why; prior to your purchase, you need to get a combined building and pest inspection report to ensure the complete satisfaction of the investment of your money.



What is an inspection report, exactly?


A home inspection report is a comprehensive report about the condition of the property and it is important to avail before buying the property. The inspection report is sometimes referred to as a standard property report or a pre-purchase property inspection report.

However, what you need to know about the inspection report is that - there are different types of it which can be done. Usually, a home inspection report is of three types – building, pest and swimming pool inspection report.



Why you need an inspection report before buying a home?


Any potential home buyer knows the importance of pre-purchase inspection report as the report protects investors from risks, address major concerns and avoid future costs that one might need to incur.


Additionally, with the inspection report in your hand and by knowing the potential problems of the property in advance you’ll be able to negotiate a lower price with the seller.


Moreover, you can seek professional help and advice about major problems and calculate how it will affect the value of the property over time.



Things you need to know about the inspection report


  • The inspection report aids in providing useful knowledge which acts as the upper hand in negotiating the price with the seller.


  • The pre-purchase inspection report is also commonly known as building inspection report and as the name suggests the report mainly covers the building and structural condition of the property.


  • A pest inspection report is different from the building inspection report and is usually not included in it. As such, apart from conducting the building inspection, you will also need to do a combined pest inspection report so that you know in advance about any risky pest problems of the property.


  • Only a combined building and pest inspection give a full assessment of the intended property to purchase. In many regions of Australia such as in Queensland, it is recommended to conduct both the inspections and hire a qualified building and pest inspection company before finalizing the agreement with the seller and making the purchase.


  • Ensure that the building and pest inspector conducting the inspection of the property is credible and holding a current license and sees that the inspection report holds in accordance with Australian standard.