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Travel 538 views Jul 10, 2019

The world’s most popular hot air balloon rides can be found in the landscapes of Cappadocia and this must be why this region of Turkey is a dream destination and hot spot for visitors and riders all around the year.


In here, we have put together some useful tips for Cappadocia balloon tours so that you can check out the hot air ballooning trip from your bucket list and immerse in the ultimate hot air balloon experience.


1. Going through recommendation

When shopping for a reliable good Cappadocia balloon tour or when finding a Balloon Operator go through recommendations. Additionally, reading online reviews on popular social media platform or going through the perspective balloon tour company’s website allows you to get an insight into how trustable the balloon tour can be.

2. Getting inspired

Cappadocia, the region of Turkey is the hottest spot for hot air balloon rides. As such over the year countless YouTube videos are made on Cappadocia balloon tours. Watching the video gives you the chance to get an insight on what to expect on your first hot air balloon ride and also how to find the right hot air balloon, pilot operator.


3. Things to consider when booking a flight operator

Communication is a very important thing when taking Cappadocia balloon tours. Verify that your pilot or balloon operators can communicate in your language or not so that you can learn the fascinating history of Cappadocia when taking your hot air balloon ride.


4. Expect different sort of experience with each flight

Each hot air balloon flight has a different experience and location of your flight landing also changes depending on the weather condition. As such, expect different sort of experience for each flight and know that the balloon moves based on the direction of the wind resulting in a various duration of flight each time.    


5. Best time to take the balloon flight

While the hot air balloon tour operates all year round in Cappadocia, the flight schedules vary and get canceled depending on the weather condition and wind movement. As such, it is always recommended to ride the balloons on your first day and book the ride for the first morning and immediately after your arrival.


Flying in Cappadocia on hot air balloons becomes more special if you book the right balloon tour operator and remember to stay present at the moment. Cappadocia balloon tours can provide you once-in-a-lifetime experience and taking the tour is worth the time and money.