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Family & Home 553 views Jul 06, 2019
Exclusive Tips on How to Move under 24 hours


Imagine a situation when your temperamental landlord has given you the notice to vacate the house in a day or two. Such a move within a short time is sure to make you anxious. But remember that anxiety will add to more issues. Just follow these master tips on how to ensure the best Home Removal Service in Maidstone. It simply does not matter what size house you are moving from or into. These tips are sure to keep you going.


Be calm

Changing a house in one day is not an easy task after all. Hence it is very essential for you to stay calm, composed and try to go with the flow. You can also contact any house removals in Maidstone to allow yourself for some breathing room.

Smart packing is essential

It is very essential that all your valuables are stored in a safe manner so as to avoid any loss or damage to the items. It is better to name the boxes as soon as the packaging is done so that the unpacking process is easy. Other labels such as open first or fragile etc can also be added. In case of a time issue, it is best to hire a house removal in Maidstone that offers professional packing services which can offer a helping hand and help you to get things right.

Eat well and stay hydrated

You may find the process of moving out in one day to be a stressful task. But it is very essential to eat and drink right. You should keep some time reserved for having your food and also keep ready drinks with you as house removal in Maidstone can make you feel thirsty.

Time to declutter

The process of moving gives you the chance to declutter. Are there clothes that don’t fit you anymore? Have you got some furniture that is in a bad state and has less chance of repair? It’s time to pack what is needed by you and don’t be afraid to throw the stuff that you don’t need anymore. It’s time to make some money as well by selling some of your stuff.

Choosing a house removal in Maidstone

In case you have finally decided to outsource the process to removals in Maidstone then check if the firm is a member of the BAR (British Association of Removers) or not. This will simply mean that it meets the criteria set for training, level of experience and insurance. Ensure to ask for quotes and compare them with other firms before taking a final decision. Discuss overtime rates that apply and when they start. Follow the tips and ensure towards a faster and painless move.