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Problem Solving 945 views Jun 26, 2019

Anyone flying on a regular basis comes up with the familiar problem of their flight being delayed and claiming for the delayed flight compensation is also a real pain. There are forms to fill up, lots of paper works and submit all the documents and what’s worse is the weeks and months you will have to wait to get back your money.


But you won’t have to face all these problems and rather get you to hassle free flight delay compensation when you sign up with Fozup. Fozup is a new flight delay insurance company which will store your information and process payout through the smart contract. A smart contract is a self-executing contract triggered automatically and comes with major benefits.


What is Fozup?


Fozup is a fully automatic and flight delay and cancellation system with makes the overall process of smart contract easy and you get paid for each hour of your flight delay. Getting paid for airline delays via Fozup takes few minutes and happens to be the easiest process.


Simply submit your name and Flight number 48 hours prior to departure. And just as your flights get delayed you start to receive your compensation in an hour. The longer your flight gets delayed the more you get paid when you sign up with Fozup.


How the smart contract of Fozup works?


When you sign up with Fozup your flight details are automatically recorded on the ledger and a smart contract is being created on the blockchain. The smart contract is linked to the global database and this means as soon as your flight is delayed over an hour it is registered on the ledger and this automatically triggers your compensation.


The user-friendly platform of Fozup takes care of monitoring your flight and the smart contract decides whether you are eligible to get paid or not.


Fozup’s smart contract has several functionalities such as adding new insurance, set flight landed and arrival time, trigger condition and manual insurance resolution and so on. All of the functionalities are fully dedicated to flight delay and cancellation.


Fozup makes smart contract easy and you will receive your compensation directly on your bank account without any hassle of complex paperwork. To know more, sign up on and enter your flight details to get a custom quotation.