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Travel 860 views Jun 24, 2019
Top 6 Unique Things to Do in Seoul

Seoul is one of the most visited places in Korea. If you ever plan to make a tour in Korea, do not miss the beauty of Seoul because it’s a worth visiting place. Not only the places are attracting but also you will experience a lot of unique things to do in Seoul. And this article is going to describe doing some of the things you should not miss out there.


  1. Exploring Princess Café: Who does not want to be a princess? Sure you do. And Seoul has a special café made for those who want to be a real-life princess for a day. You can wear any types of princess’ attires from the wedding to different characterized suits. This can be the best experience as you have been dreaming of for your entire life. You can take a lot of pictures with having coffee or snacks out there.

  2. Ghost Walking Tour in Seoul: If you want to be thrilled yet experience something worth remembering, you can try walking tour in Seoul. This shivering walking tour will let you learn about the forgotten 600-year old history of the ancient city, mourning ghosts, and bloody massacres.

  3. Korean School Uniform Rental: Being in a Korean high school for a while wearing the school uniform can be really exciting. You can rent a traditional Korean school uniform to have the makeover and reenact just like your favorite K-drama or K-music video.

  4. Encounter Seodaemun Prison: This significant prison is the symbol of the Koreans’ fighting for the liberation war. This prison is now open for the public as a museum to encounter the terrible truth back in those days.

  5. Exploring Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park: This abandoned theme park was once one of the most attracted parks to visit in Seoul. It was built back in the 1980s but it was closed in 2011 because of high challenging competitions. But now, this is reopened as a theme park and people also pay a visit to this place. This place is somewhat called as haunted by the local people.

  6. Fishing Café: Seoul has several fishing cafes to entertain you during the holiday. The rule is you have to catch a fish and according to the size & weight of the fish, you will be exchanged goodies or rewarded with different interesting items.

So, don’t forget to explore these few things in Seoul.