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Travel 750 views Jun 22, 2019
The Best Motorhome to Live in Full Time

There are different reasons why people invest in a motorhome. For those who are looking forward to traveling and living in a motorhome, choosing one requires great consideration.

You will have to spend a considerable amount of time researching and gathering relevant information about motorhomes. You need to understand that you cannot find a perfect motorhome because they all have different features.

As a result, you will have to make some compromises when making a final decision although you will get close to what you really needed. Living in a motorhome is quite fun although everyday activities might pose a challenge because you have limited space. As a result, you need to approach each activity and experience with an open mind and take everything as a challenge.

Which Type of motorhome?

A- Class motorhomes are purpose-built motorhomes. These are the most spacious but are too large to be used as a town vehicle.

Coachbuilt motorhomes are built from the chassis and cab of a base vehicle. This makes them roomy and adaptable for normal driving. A good example of a low profile motorhome is the Chausson Titanium.

What is inside a motorhome?

Although most motorhomes are different from traditional passenger vehicles, they differ in size and luxuriousness. However, they are designed in such a way that you can live in them while still on the road. Depending on the type of a motorhome you will buy or you are planning to invest on, the size, budget, and features will be different.

For example, large motorhomes have ample space that can have full kitchens, bathrooms, dining/table room and a studio for artists who are touring. On the other hand, smaller motorhomes have limited space which needs to be used carefully. Therefore, a small motorhome can be set up with camping stoves, kitchenettes, and a pop up for sleeping.

Since its recommended for a motorhome to have a toilet, there are some varied options to choose from if you have limited space. Some small motorhomes can either have portable or composite toilets to maximize the available space while still maintaining hygiene. It is possible to live in a small motorhome although having guests overnight is not recommended due to limited space.


How long do you want to live in a motorhome?

There are different types of motorhomes to invest in and you are the only person who can make a choice. You will have to determine your budget, preference and other factors such as the duration of time you want to live in a motorhome.

If you don’t like living in limited space or you don’t prefer using a portable toilet, investing in a motorhome that has ample space is recommended (if that suits your budget). On the other hand, if you have a home and you are looking for a motorhome to use on vacations or weekends, a small-sized motorhome is a good choice.

Reasons why you can invest in a motorhome:

• Saving money – with a motorhome, you don’t need to buy a house because you have everything you need. In addition, with limited space, you will spend less on utility bills to cool or heat your motorhome.

• Save time – you will have less time to clean or decorate your motorhome as compared to an entire house. Since you will have saved a lot of time, you can use it to do other things either indoors or outdoors.

• Freedom to roam – with a motorhome you can travel as much as you would like because you don’t need to pay a moving company. Also, you can tour the country looking for a job because moving from one place to another with your belongings isn’t daunting.