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Problem Solving 593 views Jun 03, 2019
How to Clean a Jute Rug?

Jute is a natural fiber and also named as burlap or hessian. It is mainly found in the form of rugs, luggage, clothing, furnishing, and many more. Jute is famous for the softest fiber in the world and best known for its natural state. A Jute rug comes in different patterns and shades varying from natural colors, and you can search jute rugs online for more details.

Some of the companies try to mix jute with some other material to make it more durable and stronger rug. When you have the pure jute carpet in your house, then you may be facing some of the problems like faded colors, harsh stains, bad odors, and many more.

If you want to stay away from these problems, then use these following steps to easily clean and remove all the stains from your carpet.

 The first and best step is to clean the spills immediately with a clean white cloth, or you can use a paper towel. You need to remember one thing that you should not rub the carpet and also not try to push hard, and if you do this then you make the condition worse than before, so it is best to do with soft hands.

 You can also apply club soda on the cloth to easily remove the stain and don’t be so hard while cleaning and after cleaning it gently then you can dry all the area with the hair dryer on low mode. You can also do with placing a fan near the mat, which helps it get dried quickly.

 The second step is that you need to vacuum the rug on a regular basis to prevent the dirt to deeply enter the fiber of the jute carpet. As this is important, if the dust deeply rests in the fiber, then it will be hard for you to clean it. You can also use a knife to remove the dirt particles like a small stone which gets deeply stuck in the rug and take it away with the vacuum.

 When you don’t clean the rug for some times, then it will give you bad odors. So what you can do is to sprinkle the baking soda in it and leave it overnight as it will help to remove all the lousy odors from the rug. In the morning, try to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the baking soda and then flip the carpet and leave it for one to two hours.

 Some people have pets in their house, and sometimes they make the carpet looks worse. In this case, you can try to remove the solids with a clean towel and for bad odors, always try to mix white vinegar with water in equal amount and then dip the clean cloth in it to gently try to clean the blot area. If you don’t have the cleaning items, then you can go for jute rugs online to get the best items which meet your preference.

These all are the key points that need to be considered as it will help you in cleaning the jute carpet easily.