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Problem Solving 1,049 views May 27, 2019
How to Wear Plus Size Lingerie

Being plus size does not mean you do not get to look, feel or be sexy, there are many ways you can bring out the sexy in you, and one of these ways is to rock a plus size lingerie. People have for a long time allocated the wearing of unflattering underwear to plus size women that the stereotype is now quite annoying. There are so many beautiful plus size panties and plus size bras that you could wear as a plus sized woman and look very amazing.


Some tips on how to wear plus size lingerie:


Plus size lingerie should fit

The idea of lingerie is to make you look sexy while making you feel comfortable. It is better to get plus size lingerie that fits. You do not want to wear lingerie that is supposed to make you feel awesome, and then there you are, making sure it doesn't rip on you, or it doesn't get stuck inside your body parts. This would drop your sexy from where it was to the barest minimum and that was not the initial plan. 


Plus size bras like every other bra comes with underwire, and when it is too tight, it becomes discomforting.  Same goes for plus size panties when it is too tight, it begins to cause discomfort to you, as the bands in the thigh sides will begin to sting. If your skin is the sensitive type when you take off tight lingerie, you will find marks on your body, and in extreme cases, tiny injuries.


Black and red plus size lingerie are perfect

The colors red and black has this sexy aura it carries with it. Rock your lingerie in either of these colors, and the image staring back at you in the mirror will be pleasant to you. Plus size lingerie in either of these colors is a whole definition of sexiness on its own.


Lace lingerie is always good

Lace underwear time and again have been known to be an indicator of sexiness, a plus size lacy lingerie would be seen as that definition and something more. When getting plus size panties, and plus size bras, please let them be lacy. Nothing does it better than lace. 



Almost everyone has an opinion on how the next person should look, feel, or be like, and this is not sensible as everyone has earned a right to look just the way they should look. So there is a high chance that you would find people who would wrinkle their noses at the thought of plus-size women rocking sexy plus size bras and a plus size panties. Pay absolutely no attention to them. You're beautiful and sexy, never forget that.


For you to rock a perfect plus size lingerie, you have to know exactly where to get them. Plus size panties and plus size bras to make you feel and look as sexy as you were meant to look. Don’t look too far, check stores like HauteFlair, Hips & Curves, Adore Me should be your one stop shop for all the best plus size lingerie that could bring out the Sasha fierce in all her hot glory in you. Be beautiful, be sexy, be you.