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Travel 2,107 views May 21, 2019
Top 4 Romantic Things to Do in Northern Israel

If you love traveling all around the world then you must know the specialties of Israel. This is one of the most-visited travel destinations to travel lovers because it’s filled with several tourist spots. Not only that, Northern Israel has more specific places where you can enjoy romantic moments with your beloved or family members. If you are wondering about the romantic things to encounter in Northern Israel, follow this article.


  1. Explore White Sandy Beaches: Northern Israel has some beautiful beach sides that will drive you to encounter the endless beauty. Those white sandy beaches are surrounded by greenery and exciting seawater sporting that will give you worth living here for the entire day. If you want to enjoy every bit of your life, don’t forget to explore those.

  2. Stay in Zimmers: Trying out something exceptional and significant are the specialty of having a vacation. And Northern Israel has got the most romantic accommodation for you, which are Zimmers. Those luxury Zimmers in Northern Israel will give you such vibe to live in paradise for a while with your partner. Eden’s – Luxury Suites is located in the tourist town of Had Nes, which can be the best luxury suite for your family and partner. You will find all sorts of facilities here including spas, swimming pool, attractive interior, candlelight dinner nights, beautiful landscapes, etc.

  3. Experience the Deserts: Northern Israel is surrounded by beautiful deserts that you should not miss visiting. Make your itinerary right now to spend at least a night at the Bedouin tent in the desert. This can be the most romantic experience for you with your partner. Also, the Bedouins are heartiest with great hospitality. Don’t forget to share a ride on a camel during your stay to get an adventurous feeling.

  4. Go Hiking or Trekking: Northern Israel is surrounded by beautiful greenery, mountains, and hills. There are significant structures and old places as well to roam around. You can arrange hiking or trekking into the greenery to explore more beauties of Northern Israel. The Garden of Eden- the Banias is one of the most beautiful places of Israel with the largest waterfall in the country. Make a group or try solo hiking to experience adventure.

Moreover, Northern Israel has a lot of tourist spots to explore and do fun & romantic activities that will make your trip even more memorable and significant.