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Travel 5,218 views May 20, 2019
Monte Conero- A Paradise in Le Marche for the Travelers

Monte Conero is a small piece of paradise on the Adriatic Coast. This great picturesque place is the favorite place among travelers. Once you are up here, your heart would definitely not want to leave this beautiful wondering of nature behind. The colors of the sea and the mountain meet here to make people look at harmony forever. Monteconero is a famous tourist attraction in Le Marche and if you are planning your holidays recently, keep this paradise at the top of the list.

The excursion in Mount Conero can be a sweet memory of your holidays. You can choose to explore the pathways through biking, horse riding, walking, and the type of itinerary you prefer. It can be pretty exciting and adventurous for you and your family members to explore the pathways of Mount Conero but still, you are getting a great opportunity to meet nature with the close contact. During your walking itineraries, you will encounter the histories as well the Roman caves and rock carvings. In a word, you will never feel tired of exploring the beauties of Monteconero’s every inch.

Monteconero is an important symbol of the Conero Riviera. Those who prefer beaches more than the mountains, they can live all day in this lovely seaside. The stretch of coast from Urbani Beach to Sassi Neri and the passing Beach of San Michele are the three adjoining beaches you will encounter here from the central view of the town.

The best thing you will find here is private and public beaches. Make your own beach environment as you want with all kinds of facilities out there. Take a long walk on the beaches and make yourself lost in nature.

The beach of the Two Sisters in Sirolo is another attraction of Monteconero. Make a boat itinerary to explore the challenging adventure while visiting this place. You can choose a ferry to go there as well if you don’t have a private boat or equipment. The Beach of the Friars in Numana is considered as the most beautiful beaches in Italy, which you should not miss visiting.

In a word, Monte Conero is the ultimate paradise that is worth paying a visit to. If you are in planning to travel to Italy, do not miss visiting Monte Conero in Le Marche.