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Health 3,738 views Mar 02, 2019
Labs Which Are Best Of Its Kind For Hemp Testing

The terms “hemp” is nothing but a plant cannabis sativa. People grow Hemp generally for its richness of cannabidiol, well known as CBD. This is not psychoactive but is accountable for the several medical benefits accompanying with cannabis. Yet for over the past decade, many studies have been inscribed in peer-reviewed journals about CBD’s role in relieving the anxiety, reducing pain, reducing seizures and PTSD, as neuro protection and as an anti-inflammation agent which can aid sufferers of concussion, stroke, and also Alzheimer’s. Numerous studies have confirmed that it decreases certain cancer cells too.

Big Pharma’s are rapidly emerging CBD-based medicines. Even the U.S. administration holds a clear number of 66.30 lakhs on the usage of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, like CBD, to insulate and protect the brain from degeneration or damage. Hence the proper analytical testing plays a vital role in the hemp industry. To qualify for “industrial hemp” as per 2014 Farm Act, cannabis should be tested for delta 9 (∆9) tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) meditations to guarantee that it does not surpass three 0.3% on its dry weight basis.

What Are The Issues In Hemp Testing

In general analytical testing increases many issues, including, but only not limited to the definite testing methods that are being used, at what stage in the growth cycle of the plant testing should happen, what specific parts of this plant has to be tested, how the plant should be united to form a sample, from which part of the plant samples to be taken, whether the acid of THC should be decarboxylated, and what is the scope of this test.

What Are The Best Of Labs Available For Hemp Testing Worldwide

As we all know every test is particularly different testing methods which produce different results. There are many Labs which provides these testing facilities, few best of labs are as follows:

  1. Lime Analytical Laboratory – Provides Hemp Testing which is precise, timely and cost-effective for the customers and provide the best of their services in Chicago.
  2. Agricor Laboratories – This Lab is licensed for Industrial Hemp Testing with the State of Colorado.
  3. EVIO Labs – This Lab is the top leading national provider of recognised hemp testing. they provide high quality consulting and analytical services in North America.
  4. Botanacor Laboratory – This lab is accredited with ISO 17025 for Hemp Testing and provide the best services in Denver.

What Makes Lime Analytical Laboratory, One Of The Best Hemp Testing Labs In The World

Lime Analytical Laboratory is one of the top leading Hemp Testing Labs today, who provides the various testing on Hemp. It is the primary purpose of this Laboratory.

The team here has united their decades of past experience operating in ISO 17025 certified, cGMP, FDA compliant laboratories, etc. and they have experience in a variety of trades including Pharmaceutical, Food, Agricultural, Environmental and many others. They are also very familiar with practices from the USP, FDA, AOAC, BCC and EPA, as well as exclusive internal systems.  They provide a variety of Testing for Hemp, as listed below:

  1. THC Presence/Absence Testing
  2. Cannabinoid Profiling
  3. CBD Testing
  4. Terpene Profiling
  5. Mycotoxin Profiling
  6. Pesticide Profiling
  7. Heavy Metals Testing
  8. Microbiology Testing
  9. Residual Testing
  10. Water Activity

One can get benefitted from Hemp products once the person is well aware of the benefits of health. There are many labs in the world who provide Hemp testing for any individual requirement. These labs are very well equipped to provide and fulfil any of your analytical needs as per all industries and State requirements. So why to wait, go to their websites to get in touch with them immediately.