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Hoi An is a city which is located on the central coast of Vietnam. The city is very famous for numerous reasons and is well-known around the globe. This city holds great importance of when it comes to tourism. Tourists from around the world and especially history lovers tend to find the attraction to visit this place in large numbers.

From wooden Chinese shophouses to the different shaded French styled different buildings add to the reasons why this city is so well-known. There’s so much to see and know about this exciting place and yes, we have gathered a few things that will add to the reasons of this serene and alluring city’s fame.

Some of the very interesting factors about Hoi An Vietnam have been mentioned below.

1- It is historically important.
As has been mentioned above, Hoi An Vietnam is a city which is a source of attraction for history lovers. The question arises, why?
Hoi An had been found some 2,000 years before. From 15th to the 19th of century, this city had been a famous trade port. This has been ranked by UNESCO as a heritage site since the year 1999. The blend of Japenese, Chinese and European culture tends to make the city extremely pleasing especially for people who love seeing the colors of different cultures. The blend of local as well as foreign culture makes it very fascinating.

2- Old Town has amazing coffee.
Well, it is said that for people who visit Hoi An Vietnam, should for sure have the pleasing experience of drinking coffee in Old Town. The 2 coffee shops present in the place are always busy. Mrs. Thao’s coffee shop is a source of attraction for the youngsters while the other one has an atmosphere attracting the aged or middle-aged people. Moreover, the famous tea-house in Hoi An has disabled waiters and waitresses. The enjoyable and peaceful place is everything you need to get to relax and focus.

3- The Silk Lantern hanging culture.
If you visit Hoi An, another very pleasing experience that you might experience is the light of small lanterns hanging in front of every house. The people living there have a belief that hanging lanterns brings in pleasantness and good fortune into life and also into the house. The lightened houses look beautiful especially during the night time

4- The word ‘’Hoi an’’.
The name Hoi an is not just an ordinary name. It has a very deep meaning behind it. The word ‘’Hoi an’’ means a place which is peaceful for meeting purposes. Hence, anyone who needs mental peace should surely visit this place. The small coffee shops are literally everything you need to restore the peace in your mind.

5- It celebrates the full moon festival.
For Hoi An, the 14th of every Lunar month is not just an ordinary night but it is much more. The whole city gathers around the river, turning all the lights off. And when the whole city seems to flood in darkness, that’s when the magic happens. People light the paper lamps and floating lanterns and the most beautiful sights are experienced when people send those floating lanterns over the river water of Thu Bon. The scene is one of the best ones and the most heartwarming. Many tourists visit the city around these days to get an unforgettable experience of the full moon festival.

6- It has amazing food.
Well, something you must know before you visit the place is that it has food that will be a blessing to your taste buds. The white rose dumplings, Hoi An Chicken Rice, the Quang noodles and their signature dishes will make your mouths years after your visit to Hoi An. The food literally leaves you licking fingers and the above-mentioned dishes are a MUST TRY.

7- Its main river and beach.
If you’ve done a bit of research, you already know that Hoi an is blessed with a number of beaches and rivers as well as beautiful resorts. But its main beach which is famously known is the Cua Dai beach while the main river is named as ‘Thu Bon river’.
Thu Bon river is one of the reasons why the city holds historical vitality. It had been a major part of the Cham kingdom where most of the trade occurred.
It is also the river where the floating lantern events occur during the full moon.

8- Museums and Tailoring shops.
The old town is known to have different museums. These museums tend to have bits and pieces of the reflection of Hoi an’s past. You can check them out and travel back into time.

Moreover, Hoi a has around 410+ tailoring shops. Interesting, isn’t it? Not only do these tailors skillfully make for you different designed for traditional clothes, but they also make things like shoes and hand clutches really professionally. So it would just be unfair to try one of these shops out if you ever get the chance.

9- It is affordable.
Well, last but not least. In fact, the best one for people who are planning to take a visit, Hoi An is affordable. The expenses of living are not very high. You can easily afford the food and pay for your hotels as well as by so many things from the marketplace at affordable prices. So experience tradition, go back in history, celebrate their festivals, enrich your taste buds with the delicious food and so much more, all at affordable prices.