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Business 8,431 views Nov 12, 2018
5 Most Profitable Freelance Jobs

The freelance industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. More people in the workforce have opted to offer freelance services as a side hustle or full-time employment. The convenience offered by the gig economy makes it easier to find a perfect balance of life and work something those in employment cannot enjoy. Work from home writing jobs are among the most popular according to the Freelancing in America: 2017 (FIA) Report which shows 57.3 million Americans freelance.

A similar report published by projects the freelance workforce will rise to 43% by 2020 making this a viable industry to join. If you have always liked the idea of controlling your income, this is the best time to join the gig economy.

This article explores the top profitable jobs you should consider in the freelance industry. Keep reading.

  1. Scriptwriting

The demand for video in the market has grown incredibly over the last two decades. Clients including businesses, non-profits and movie companies constantly require material to satisfy this demand. If you have a knack for storytelling, it is time to try your hand at script writing.

The demand for scriptwriters has increased over the years on all freelance writing platforms and this is an area you should consider exploring. From visual and animated content for websites, internal business communications, social media to advertisements, the demand for content keeps growing making this one of the most profitable freelancing gigs.

   2.Article and Blog Writing

Now that everything seems to happen online, every company and organization has set up a website or blog. Indeed, almost everyone has some form of online presence. There is a need for regular fresh content to keep these platforms visible and this is where content creators come in handy. Website owners and bloggers have no time to research and write content fit for search engines and if you have a good understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), you will make good returns in the gig economy.

    3.Social Media Coordinator

The number of people on social media keeps growing every day. While most social media networks started as meeting points for family and friends, they have now grown into powerful marketing tools. Businesses and celebrities now use social media to reach their target customers and fans respectively.

Now that social media is a fast-paced ecosystem, there is a need for social media coordinators to control the flow of conversations. If you have a knack for works and you understand social media workings, you can make good money managing social media accounts for businesses and public figures. These clients are too busy to control everything that happens on their social media accounts and this is where your skills come in handy.

4. Programming And Software Development

This is the age of digital transformation and the demand for programmers and software developers is on the rise. In a globalized world platform, you can now make good returns as a freelancer programmer or software developer from the comfort of your home. The most talented individuals make over $1,000 per hour freelancing and their coding skills will not go out of style any time soon. Well, you might not start out by charging that much but as you grow your reputation, you will make incredible money.

5. Web Designing and Development

Web developers are in high demand because every business and organization needs a professional website. Without a high-performance website, businesses risk falling into oblivion. For organizations, these online platforms offer a seamless channel to reach their audience.

If you have a background in computers, it is time to branch out as a freelancer because this is one of the fastest growing areas in the gig economy. Web designers and developers make a lot of money and their skills are in demand the world over. The best thing is that they can work remotely with few overheads thus making their profits incredible.

There are other freelance gigs worth mention including gaming development, graphic design, copywriting, video editors, transcription and translation, IT security consultancy among others. If you are good with the written word, it is time to unlock your potential by joining an established custom research paper writing service. You will enjoy a constant stream of orders while retaining the freedom over your income.


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