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Simple Upgrades For The Bathroom

Have you grown tired of your bathroom, with the same fixtures, and always looking the same? It is a common problem for many homeowners. Outdated restrooms or things that need repairs is enough to drive anyone nuts. However, for some, the thought of paying for a full on bathroom remodel might be too much to spend. Here are a few simple tips to upgrading your bathroom that is cost-effective but provides impressive results.


Upgrade Sinks and Faucets

Nothing will date your bathroom more than faucets or sink. Simply changing of faucet fixtures can bring new life to the room. Faucets are relatively cheap to replace. A Pittsburgh plumber can help with the installation making it a breeze to have them changed out in just an hour or two. The benefit of having a plumber do the job can range from ensuring no leaks to that your hot and cold water are installed correctly. Backward installation can happen to anyone, but a professional will make sure its done so that when you want hot water, that is what comes out.

The sink is also a fixture that can be simple to change, but a little more involved than the faucets. A new sink will have to have the drain replaced or moved to allow for proper flow. Floating sinks are a popular option that adds a great deal of style to any bathroom. No matter what style you choose to go with or just a refreshed, new standard sink, will improve the look of the vanity.



Custom cabinets in the restroom provide storage, additional space for counters, making them a great addition. If your bathroom lacks the area to keep towels, and toilet paper, new cabinets can make everything more convenient. If you do not want to jump out of the shower to grab a towel and make your way to a hall closet for one, cabinets could be the solution. Cabinets can easily be installed, mounted anywhere you have additional space. They can go from the wall to ceiling, or be counter height. With so much versatility these functional additions are worth considering.


New Shower Head

Do you have a low flow showerhead and miss the fantastic ability of higher pressure? A new shower head not only looks good but also give you more flow. Some models are easier to install than others, and most are relatively inexpensive, A professional plumber would best install rain shower heads from the ceiling, but the removable shower heads most any handy person can do.