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Technology 134 views Oct 09, 2018
Solution for starting a bitcoin exchange

Thinking about launching a cryptocurrency trading business? Here is the solution for you !

Current days, Number of cryptocurrency trading businesses flops due to security and reliability. In this scenario, a secure way to build your trading business website by tapping into the right bitcoin exchange software provided by

Why do you need to pay attention to?

The hacker or attacker will be avoided by using crypto software or blocked the other kind of operations. Cryptocurrency based businesses need to build with the most secured protocol and controlled layer. So, a businessman can take control of the global blockchain business network.

Where to choose bitcoin trading software?

Bitcoin trading software is a big source to develop a cryptocurrency trading business website. It can be able to get a real chance of profit by easily attracted all traders. As an owner, You can achieve this goal without heavy risk, however, it is really important to choose the right software!

At coinjoker, they develop cryptocurrency exchange website with the dedicated team of developers. The solutions they offer have the standalone properties and distinguish you from competitors. Also, coinjoker is named as one of the top providers in India for giving cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions.

You can Enquire anytime at

Solution fo localbitcoins clone script:

Localbitcoins is the global bitcoin exchange website used to exchange, buy or sell the bitcoins. This platform was founded in Finland in 2012, the platform’s main objective is to give the user an efficient way to trade or exchange the bitcoins in peer to peer manner. Also, the site makes use of an advertising system for buying and sells the bitcoins between the traders. Interested people can respond to that ad for proceeding with the transactions. This internal peer to peer communication between the users makes the platform more popular around the world. In fact, it had made a strong reputation among the bitcoin community around the world.

Knowing this typical business model of localbitcoins, entrepreneurs are showing more interest to start a website clone like localbitcoins. But it needs a lot of dedicated developers, technical requirements to proceed.

To do this job much easier, LocalbitcoinsClone script is designed by sellbitbuy which is used to architect the website like localbitcoins. The script offers limitless opportunities like Client Admin panel dashboard, order book, Payment gateway, secure wallet integration, bitcoin escrow module etc.