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Sports 334 views Dec 20, 2019
5 Weight-Loss Mistakes Runners Make

Many suggest that physical activity and weight loss go hand in hand. But this is not always true. When you need to lose weight, runners often make some grave mistakes.

If any of the key points described turns out to be familiar, be aware that many make the same mistakes. Now, while running, you only need to fix something, and watch how the unwanted kilograms fade away!

Mistake # 1: Set Unrealistic Goals

It is easy to become fanatical when a big race begins. People often think that since they are training now, they can lose weight very quickly. But nutritionists recall that after training, muscle mass builds up, so the numbers on the scales may not change even though the body becomes more toned.

How to fix it? It is better to set a realistic goal for yourself, to lose 2-4 kg per month. Weigh in at the same time no more than twice a week, for example, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Since a huge number of factors can affect the numbers that the scales show, you should avoid too much concern about them. Instead, observe progress in the long run.

Mistake # 2: Incorrect Calorie Waste Calculation

Many runners rate too much the number of calories they spend and also exaggerate their number, which is permissible after a workout. Since people are often hungry after a run, it can make you feel like you can come off completely.

How to fix it? You need to clearly understand how many calories have been spent, then it will be easier not to overeat after a run. Typically, approximately 100 calories per mile (1,609 m) or every 10 minutes is burned. That is, 8 km at a good pace will burn approximately 500-600 calories.

Mistake # 3: Eating too much sports meals

Sports drinks, chewing gums, gels, and candy bars are important tools in a runner’s training arsenal but it is easy to overdo it. If you burn 600 calories during a workout, then have a snack with two gels and a bottle of sports drink, you will end up consuming 800 calories, and a person does not even realize this.

Mistake # 4: Cut Too Many Calories

It can be tempting to combine a serious low-calorie diet with a tough workout routine. But this approach means disaster for weight loss and athletic goals. No one is trying to start a car with an empty gas tank, and you need to think the same about the body. A person simply cannot run well without the right fuel.

How to fix it? If you have less than an hour's run, you do not need to replenish energy reserves with a sports drink. Water is perfect. The same is true for gels and chewing gum. Save fuel for long runs or hard training in hot weather when you have to sweat more than usual.

Mistake # 5: Carbohydrate reboot

There is no need to load your body with pasta before every workout or competition. A large plate of noodles before the run does not help to improve the scores at all and definitely derail the goal of weight loss.

How to fix it? Nutritionists recommend just a reasonable diet before the races. In fact, there is no need to make significant changes to your diet. Yes, you need a little carbohydrate, but you do not need too much. When a balanced diet prevails, nothing else needs to be done additionally: the mileage will not suffer, and the numbers will decrease.

Running Weight Loss Tips: Run, Don't Go

When it comes to success in losing weight, running is confidently ahead of walking. Recent research has studied more than 45,000 walkers and runners. It was discovered that over time, runners gained less weight and maintained a better shape.

How to fix it? Carefully count the calories you spend, as well as those that you consume. This is the only way to achieve your goals, instead of failing due to inattention. When a workout burns 500 calories per day, you can lose about 400 g per week, experts say.

This means that if you reduce your diet by 500 calories, or just spend them extra through training, you will see a lasting result for weeks and even months.

About the author

            Melisa Marzett is an experienced content writer who is currently working for resume editor writing articles on various things. She loves reading, traveling, chatting with her friends, cooking at times and handmade, just an average person but with a sense of responsibility, justice and trust. Due to being hard-working and persistent, she achieved what she achieved and proud to live in times of so many opportunities.