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Planning 1,953 views Apr 09, 2019
Seeking the Inspiration - How To Come Up With Topics

Seeking the Inspiration - How To Come Up With Topics For Articles In Content Plan Beforehand

The basis for successful promotion on Instagram is attractive and user-friendly content. What is more, it concerns blogs, and subject websites and other pages, and update publications regularly. Therefore, for a competent promotion, first of all, it is necessary to think out the idea well and on its basis draw up a detailed plan for the publication of relevant materials.


To begin with, all posts on Instagram can be divided into three groups:


  • Advertising;
  • Entertaining;


For example, the first group includes fly pages, customer reviews, information about promotions, discounts and new products. Here the question often arises whether entertainment posts should be in the online storage account. Yes, in the description of the article, you can publish topics of informational or entertainment character: "How to care for jewelry?" Alternatively, "Fashion trends of the season."


An expert in a particular topic should create content, primarily if the questions related to medical or other complex issues. Besides, the person who maintains the account should be well-versed in what attracts the audience, what services and goods it prefers.


To keep the interest of the public going, it is necessary to continually evolve, invent something new, intriguing headlines, experiment. So, what will help to generate new thoughts, what are the ways to create fresh ideas? Let us consider the primary points:


Dialogue with subscribers. You can directly ask what interests the audience, suggest several posts for voting.

Competitor analysis is a useful procedure that helps to understand the mood and preferences of the target audience that subscribers most of all comment on which posts gain the maximum number of likes.

In the topics of discussion in forums and on social networks you can accurately determine which questions interest the public.

Old posts. Since the audience is continuously updated, you can update old publications, come up with a new title, and describe achievements for the past period.

Significant dates. Bloggers can quickly adopt a calendar and periodically publish materials on specific events or personalities.

Actual materials currently published out of a plan, but they must also be present and show the audience that you are aware of the latest events.


About the author

Melisa Marzett is a Phoenix-based former journalist, and current freelance writer who works for write awesome papers at and always keep up with the world. A PHX`s native, Melisa graduated from Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She has always been curious about things around, much of a talker but at the same time a listener and has, as they say, eyes in the back of her head.