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Best smart TVs 2018


If you think picking a television set is an easy task, then you may be wrong because the TV screen has to become your best companion for the next few years and it is not easy to replace the TV set as it is to replace a cell phone or a smart watch. TV screens should sit prettily in our living rooms for a good long while. They're pricey purchases, and we expect to get our money's worth. New television sets and models are being regularly introduced so it makes it a hard decision for the people to decide which model to take. The major functions and feature have been enhanced lately by the TV manufacturing electronic companies but you cannot experience every technology out there. Doubly vision and HDR are the hottest features people look into a TV; let us explore some great new TV models of 2018

Samsung QLED 2018

The latest 75 inch Samsung TV is a spectacular HDR TV with best picture quality and powerful well-rounded sound. The good smart system is well designed to provide optimum performance for years to come; he style has bounced back in 2018 which surprised a few. It is more colorful and the screen is brighter which uses a flagship technology. It uses a completely different lighting system; the FALD panel works just perfect for the 2018 model. This may not be the No.1 TV set in the world, but it is a most awesome model by Samsung so far with maximum high dynamic range.


LC C7 OLED 2018 new smart TV is a 55-inch stunning rich contract TV set with gorgeous ultra chin design. It contains an excellent operating system which stands at the top of the list of best smart TVs in the year 2018. The only drawbacks LG C7 has is the weak speaker system as compared to predecessors and it also lacks a bit brightness in LCD. It is still the most irresistible model of 2018 and is worth buying with your money.

Sony XBR ZD 9

The new Sony XBR ZD 9 comes with a stunning High Definition technology and great picture quality. It has a groundbreaking backlight; from the moment it hit the market, people have been trying to get their hands on it. It combines the friendly brightness range of LCD and backlight arrangement is also stunning. It comes with more than 600 LEDs which make the screen more powerful than others. The TV is able to produce more light.

LG Signature W7 Series

LG W7 Signature series TV is a 77 inch OLED instant slim design and comes in bright colors. It comes with colors, clarity and contrast that is hard to match in any other LG models; it comes with a future-proof HDR which brings something special to the audience. It has the grace to become the thinnest TV with Dolby vision video system. The incredible gorgeous TV has some problems or drawbacks including motion handling and sound bar issues. But the price is worth taking.

Samsung Q9F QLED TV

The new Samsung Q9F flagship TV is the best in the market that is outstanding from the world leaders Samsung. It is considered as the brightest TV in the market so far with lots of great features. It is the best TV for indoor use with lots of brightness and contrast. It has exceptional color levels to offer to the audience with best HDR content on. It offers the best value of money with friendly standards. The screen technology state of the art which is top of the line in the market. In the living room, it is the best TV to watch day by day and enjoy your favorite shows. A top-tier TV in this much price is only available from Samsung.

Samsung Q8c QLED

The Samsung is leading the market with its TVs, Q8C is no exception with bright colorful pictures and a beautiful new curved design. If you are a party animal then this TV can become a treat for your friends in a room. Samsung has played many new tricks with the Q8C QLED technology by producing remarkable screen filtering. The pictures look amazing with colors and brightness; it provides a typical set for a bright living room.

Samsung MU 9000 Series

Again Samsung leads the market with its MU 9000 series TV that is 65 inch 4K TV that comes with the 10-bit panel and native 120Hz technology. It sits down the line of Samsung 9 series because it does not have the vivid colors. It cannot provide everything but the refresh rate is fabulous. It is great TV for the gamers in your house.

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