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How different countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day, the lover’s day is commemorated globally on 14th Feb. On Valentine Day the lovers exchange gifts and express their feelings, emotions to their loved ones. Valentine Day has its own importance. The Valentine is celebrated for one week starts from 7th and stays up to 14th Feb. Every day in the Valentine week dignifies a special day.

7th Feb is the Rose day, on which the lovers delight their dear ones by presenting them beautiful roses. 8th is Propose Day, on this day the lovers romantically propose to their partner and express their feelings. 9th is the Chocolate Day, where everyone pampers their better half with tempting chocolates. 10th is the Teddy Day, on which boys cherish their girl's with cute teddy bears. 11th is Promise day, where partners promise to keep each other happy and admire all the life. 12th is Kiss Day, on which the couples express their love by a romantic kiss. 13th is Hug Day, on which every lover Hug their partner and convey their emotions. At last 14th is Valentine Day, which everyone celebrates with love and going out on romantic dates.

In Valentine’s Week, the markets get flooded with sweet heart-shaped chocolates, candies, teddies and beautiful flowers. Most of the people think that Valentine is only for lovers, in fact, it’s for everyone who wishes to convey their love.

How Valentine Day’s is celebrated across the World?

Today, Valentine Week is celebrated worldwide, holding its charm and importance. Moreover, every country followed its own different ritual to celebrate Valentine Day. In the United States, school kids also celebrate Valentine Day by crafting card for their classmates. In Wales, the lovers exchange Welish Spoon. In South Korea, the singles used to have black noodles. In Europe, the girls who want to marry their partner used to keep bay leaves on every corner of the bed, centre too. Germany celebrates the Valentine Day in a different way, here the status of Pig are decorated with flowers and people exchange gifts. And in India, if the couples struck by the love bow of Kamadev (God of Love) are meant to fall in Love.

Well, every country has its own ritual, to explain them briefly Chennai Online Florist has created an astonishing infographic.