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Purpose 1,015 views Oct 09, 2018
Unique and Inexpensive Gifts to Send with Flowers to Melbourne

Distance can never be an ordeal in your beautiful relationship. At least in the 21st century, this distance of miles cannot be an impediment at all in expressing your love for your folks. So, when your best friend, close relative, or spouse is away from you in Melbourne, you can use the services of an online gift shop to surprise that person. Flowers, for its drop-dead gorgeous looks and an enticing fragrance, is often regarded as a great gift option. But only some colorful flowers in a bunch or a bouquet would be a very regular or bland gift idea. You can spice up the flower delivery in Melbourne by incorporating some of these following ideas:

Flowers with a Special Note:

A heart-warming flower bouquet would become more meaningful when you add a hand-written note of love to it. Till today, there is much intensity and nostalgia involved in the handwritten notes than a printed one. Write all about your feelings for that special person and tag it on the flower bunch of bouquet. Opt for a fresh flower bouquet from the best florist in Melbourne on an early morning delivery and see how magically your story takes turns. It is always nice to appreciate others and when you do it beautifully, people are bound to love you more!

Flower in DIY Frame:

This is another easy, cool, and creative way of presenting a flower to a dear friend. All you have to do is get some fresh and colorful flowers, cardboard, glass, or thin wood. You have to press the vivacious flowers and glue them on a cardboard or thin wood. It would be great if you can add more colors to the cardboard by using colored papers or color pens. Now give a frame like look to this cardboard using solid colored papers. You may use a thin glass or cellophane paper to as the front cover of the frame.

Blooming Branches of Paper Flower
In simple words, you have to make blooming flowers using papers in this process. This way, the flowers would never wither away and that’s how your gift would remain an eternal one for your loved ones. So, you would require tissue papers, scissors, glue, twigs, container, and pebbles. Cut the tissue papers in desired flower shape and glue them on the twigs and finally place them properly in a container filled with pebbles.

DIY Floral Candles Aromatic Room

This is one of the best flower gift ideas that you can opt for your loved ones and greet them on happy occasions. It is an easy process that would require some dried flowers and candles of your choice. Press fresh flowers first and then fix it on the candles using a heated spoon. With the heat of the spoon, the wax would melt a bit and help the flowers to glue on the candles. So, make aromatic candles at home in a few easy steps.

Flower with DIY Greeting Card

There are numerous occasions for which you can opt for this combo of flowers and greeting cards like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. You can opt for greeting cards that are being sold in the market but if you have a creative mind why not unleash that and make something on your own. If you make a greeting card that would be more valuable for your friend or relative than the one bought from a store. There are many references that you can draw from Facebook pages, wiki pages, or insta posts. These people use easily available ingredients to make greeting cards and that’s why you can make them easily and give a delightful experience to your loved ones. But of course, if you are running short of time, you can gift flowers online and add a greeting card to it to surprise your loved ones.

The fragrance of these beautiful flowers always helps to spread an aroma in our and our loved one lives. So, keep in touch and keep gifting such beautiful flowers to your near and dear ones.