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Intention & Manifestation 459 views Oct 01, 2018
How Does Internal Linking Help Your Website Help Your Website t

Internal linking is the process of putting links to other pages of your website in other pages of the same website. We all know that link-building is a great tool to help your website but what about internal linking? Is it as good as they say it is? In the following post, we would talk about everything that you need to know about how it helps your website rank higher.

Internal linking is the process where you put links of other pages on your website on the different pages on the same website. Suppose you sell customized coffee mugs. On one page you are talking about the designs on your coffee mugs and then somewhere in that page, you put a link to the catalogue of your business. This is called internal linking. Now, if you have read anything about SEO, then you would get to hear about experts becoming excited about internal linking. So, is there really a reason to be excited about internal linking? In the following post, we would be talking about all the things that make internal linking a good strategy to give a boost to your rankings.

It Makes It Easy for Spiders to Crawl Your Website

Spiders are basically tools employed by search engines to know about the information that is on your website. The spider basically scans through the pages of your website and stores it or ‘indexes’ it on the server of the search engine. Now, how does a spider know what pages are there on your website and how they are linked? Well, they do it better when you have an internal link on your website. Now, when a spider can crawl your website better, the search engine can ‘know’ your website better. This increases your chances of getting a higher rank in their result pages.

It Increases Your Page Authority

Page authority is one of the biggest factors that a search engine looks for when ranking a page. You can say that page authority is basically the measure of the importance of a page. Now, when the other pages of your website link to a particular page, you are basically indicating that this page is important. Of course, getting links from other websites are always better. But, they are not always easy. On the other hand, you can do internal linking anytime you feel like. So, if you use it wisely, then internal linking can be a good way of building your website’s page authority.

However, if you want to do internal linking the right way, then you need to get the services of an SEO expert in Los Angeles. They would have the expertise to plan and execute the right strategy. So, get the help of the experts and make a mark on the internet.