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Technology 386 views Jun 25, 2018
Fix HP Printer Error 0x61011bed Call +1-888-687-4491

To fix HP Printer error 0X61011bed issue read our blog and follow step by step procedure. Such errors occur due to not responding device, no papers in the tray, incorrect paper settings and rollers are dirty. Our experts explain methods to troubleshoot your system.


You can also read our last blog to fix smart test failed on your printer to check for more errors. Find our blog here: How to Fix Smart Test Failed Error 303 in HP. By going through that blog you can fix 303 error codes with your printer. But in our latest blog we discussed printer failure issue read below carefully to HP printer failure 0x61011bed.


Steps to fix HP Printer error 0x61011bed


Method1: Resetting Printer

Step1: Without turning off your printer disconnect all the cables including power supply.

Step2: Wait for 30 seconds after unplugging all the cables.

Step3: Plug all the cables and wait for some seconds it will turn on automatically.

Step4: If not press power button and check for the error if resolved or not.


Method2: Reload the papers.

Step1: Check for damaged papers and make sure all are of same size.

Step2: Align stack of papers by clicking on flat surface.

Step3: Maintain at least 10 papers and at most 25 papers.

Step4: Insert paper stack into printer and try to print.


Method3: Check Paper settings in Drivers.

Step1: Make sure the settings for tray and in drivers are compatible.

Step2: Open print document, click on file icon by selecting print options.

Step3: Select properties and a dialogue box will open.

Step4: From paper quality select appropriate paper size from drop-down menu.

Step5: Now click on ok followed by print document.


Method4: Cleaning of the rollers.

Step1: Turn off the printer and unplug all the cables.

Step2: Open access doors to manage the rollers.

Step3: Now clean all the roller of rubber by soft cloth.

Step4: Clean the entire remaining roller by soft cotton.

Step5: Plug all the cables and try to print.


Call HP Support Number 1 (888) 577-2999 to Troubleshoot HP Printer Errors


If after following all the steps given above Printer is not responding you can call an expert. To get in touch with HP professionals you can contact HP customer support number +1-888-687-4491 and get online help to fix the officejet 6700 printer failure. A team of certified tech professionals are working here to fix the HP Printer problems with best available solutions.