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Other 191 views Oct 06, 2018
FIFA Online 3 Thailand "LP" ticket season, coming to host Vietn
LP season ticket is specifically Loyal Player Season, this is a package for players who stick with a club for 5 years or more. This is a player card promising to bring Vietnamese players fresh winds of quality when there are players who own very good indicators such as Iniesta (89), L. Messi (89), C. Ronaldo (88), F. Totti (88), ... but the most awaited FIFA Online 3 fans in Vietnam are probably Y. Toure with 88. Look at the "dream" A box-to-box midfielder like Y. Toure in FIFA 19 Coins .

On the homepage of FIFA Online 3, Thailand posted an image along with the status line saying that the LP season ticket will arrive in Thailand in the near future. Keep in mind that Vietnamese servers regularly update from Thai servers for a few weeks to Buy FIFA 19 Coins a week, which means that the Loyal Player Season card will land in Vietnam for a short period of time.

Tags: #fifa 19