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Business 1,237 views Aug 02, 2017
How To Write An Impressive College Admission Essay?

Writing an article is the fundamental piece of your college application form. It’s your only chance to present yourself to the admission officers. So make sure it’s interesting. Even though you have boring topics, it can be made into an excellent college application essay with the help of creative approaches. While composing the essay, you should remember three important objectives:

• Convince the admission officers, by letting them know that you are a deserving candidate for their college.

• Increase their curiosity to know more about you, apart from your standardized scores.

• Make them feel that you are a genuine and intriguing personality.

Be Original:

Need to impress the admission committee with something new and unique? Be yourself and honest. Talk about your most common activities. It should not be a rocket science. The application essay is to describe more about you. Reveal your original identity, and don't force yourself to attempt and achieve something that you aren't. Be real and magnificent so that, by the end of the day you don’t regret.

Be Humble:

You should showcase yourself as the coolest thing in the world. Understand that your admission officers are searching for applicants who aren't self-promoting and self-obsessed. The goal of the application essay is to make your application more human i.e. to find about your hard working attitude, your willingness to take risks, your character and what you can add to the society. Give credit to the people you inspire and make your officers feel that you don't know everything. And highlight the genuine reason for applying to their college is to learn!

Don't Use Thesauruses:

Sometimes, students keep on thinking that complex words can make excellent essays. Big words are fine but see to it that matches your appropriate contexts. Thesauruses are not used to replace with big words, but for searching similar words that don’t repeat. So it’s enough if you write using simpler words.

Give A Splendid Introduction:

The admission in-charge will only spend one or two minutes reading your essay. Make use of the introductory part to grab the reader’s attention. You can even write the introduction after completing the whole article so that it can help you convey the specific point about the essay. Make sure that you don’t summarize the opening part, and it is not necessary that your first sentence should contain the subject matter.

Maintain A Flow:

Your presentation can be unique, but not senseless. The body paragraph that takes immediately after the introduction part should be connected. This section enables you to demonstrate your thoughts. Make sure that you move along a convincing direction from the introduction to conclusion part.

Utilize Transitions Wisely:

With the help of transition words or phrase, two sentences can be merged into a single sentence. Use transitions between passages to protect the sensible flow of your article. Use transition words like ‘furthermore,' ‘finally,' ‘in fact,' ‘likewise,' ‘nevertheless,' ‘eventually,' ‘for example,' ‘because,' ‘therefore,' ‘certainly,' etc. You should also try repeating the key words to progress your idea. It gives an intelligent design to the content.


The conclusion is your last opportunity to express your thoughts to the readers. The end of the write-up should convey a sense of completeness. You can conclude with quotations, one syllabic word and by linking it to the first paragraph. Do not conclude by summarizing, apologizing and using words like “to conclude” or “in conclusion.”


Do not just spell check. Ask your editors, whether it be your friends or teachers to proofread your essay. You can ask them to know whether the article is representing the best version of yourself.

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