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Travel 341 views Sep 11, 2018
Various Types of Boat Trailers

Are you planning to purchase a boat trailer? Are you new to boat trailers and have very little knowledge of how they function and the varied types? If yes, here we are listing various types of boat trailers that you can find much useful while choosing a boat trailer.  Boat trailers are basically used to transport boats to different lakes, rivers, inlets, and bays. The boat trailers are a convenient option if you have lighter boats, but for the heavier ones, you will require a powerful motor vehicle for towing, which usually means an SUV or pickup truck.

Basic Type of Boat Trailers:



  • Bunk trailers: In these kinds of trailers, we use two or more long boards to support the centerline of the hull of the boat, with one bracing either side. The fabric helps the boat to slide on and off the trailer without any hassle. The bunk trailers are used for the transportation of the smaller boats. If you have the larger boats, you can use these trailers only for dry or on-land storage. Make sure you replace the fabric after you have used it for some time. The durability of these trailers may be for a few months or so.


  • Float-on-trailers: These are unique trailers in the sense that they need to completely emerge in order for the boat to float or to be driven to. This is exclusively the best choice for the larger boats. These large bunk trailers are hard to operate and must be used with care. It is advisable to learn on the condition of the harbor well before you use a float-on trailer as there might be rocks that will prevent the movement of the trailer and also damage it. The float-on trailers have to insert entirely into the water.


  • Roller trailers: These trailers are very convenient for boat owners as the boats can slide their watercraft on and off trailers easily. There are multiple sets of rubber or plastic rollers to support the weight of the boat. The roller trailers are popular among most boat owners as they require to constantly towing their boats in and out of the waterways.


Variety of Roller Trailers:



  • Keel rollers: These rollers are positioned in the centre of a trailer. They support the keel of a boat just and are extremely efficient. There are other varieties of keel rollers like the bow rollers and the spool rollers. They support the front portion of a boat’s hull up to the bow.


  • Rib rollers: These kinds of rollers support the outer portions of a boats hull. They are easy to operate as most rib rollers have treads or ribbing on them in order to increase transaction. The launching of the boats becomes easy with rib rollers. The rib rollers are especially used with keel rollers on roller trailers. We often do not pay much attention to the boat trailers. Here are a few factors that we should keep in mind before purchasing a boat trailer.


  • Size: The size of the boat determines the size of the trailer. The dual-axle trailers are the most recommended, however, the tires have to be replaced for this variety from time to time. Thus, if your boat is not used that frequently, you can always opt for the single-axle trailer


While purchasing a boat trailer you need to keep in mind the advantages and drawbacks of each type of boat trailer for the best result.